Saturday, May 24, 2008

"I Can Only Imagine"

About 2 months ago I was in church and there was a special song "I Can Only Imagine" You know the song..."I can only imagine.....will I dance before you Jesus, or in Awe of you be still"...there was a video with it, of a man in a nursing home, in a wheelchair, not being able to walk, remembering his wife, holding his picture to his heart. Well during that wonderful song, I broke down hard, crying in church, very emotional...I don't always break down like that, but that day, I did. The video ended with the man dying, and going home to heaven, seeing his wife again, and standing up praising GOD!!! The song reminded me of my Dad. At that time Dad was OK, but he was ailing. It was about 2 weeks before Dad's accident. I think the Lord was prompting my heart for what was to come. And just like the song, in my Dad's last days, he was in a nursing home, in a wheelchair, not able to walk. I feel like I've become very "in tune" with the Lord over these past weeks. With my Dad's accident, I've been crying out to the Lord, asking for wisdom, and help for Dad, and especially Mom. I feel the Lord allowed this accident to happen so we (my brother, sister, mom, my hubby) would "love on" Dad so much. The past couple of years have been very hard for us. Dad hasn't been the same man, and he has changed. His health has gone down hill, and his attitude as well....not to mention all of ours, we were all so frustrated with Dad. He was sick, and didn't want any help. So, during Dad's time in the hospital, I've been by his bedside, loving on him, praying with him, encouraging him, reading scripture, kissing his face. Doing all the things I was suppose to be doing, when Dad was OK. And I had 3 full weeks with Dad, telling him how much I loved him, showing all MY appreciation towards him....just loving on him. The day before Dad died, he told my mother, brother, and sister that he was dying.....of course they wouldn't believe him, he was really doing good. I didn't go to the nursing home that day...the next day I went, and Dad NEVER told me he was dying. I told him I loved him when I saw him, and he told me I was "so sweet". I'm grateful Dad never told me he was "dying".....I really think he knew he would hurt his "baby's" heart......he remember how I would just cry at his bedside. Just before Dad died, he told us all that he loved us. Then he was gone. Dad died, and now he is dancing before my Lord - I do believe MY DAD IS DANCING BEFORE THE LORD!!!!

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