Monday, September 29, 2008

The eggs were GREAT!

So far we collected 5 eggs from our chickens within 3 days! I wanted to save them and wait until we had enough, so today I scrambled them up for breakfast. They were very yummie. I really have to say I am enjoying the "girls". I go out every morning around 6:30 or so, and talk to them, and give them their cheerio snack, which they LOVE!!! They all come to me - seems like they are all liking me as well. The hen house doesn't smell or anything like that...thanks to my hubby who is keeping on top of things over there.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Egg!

Yep, that's right, the chickens laid another brown egg! I went out this morning around 7:30am, and no eggs....I gave the "girls" their annual snack of cheerios, and went back in the house. My hubby came home around 8:30am, and he went to check on the "girls", but no eggs. So I went back out around 9:45am, and sure enough, there was the EGG!!!! It was still warm - and clean, which I was happy about. I'll use the eggs tomorrow morning for our breakfast.....this is very exciting!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our First EGG!!

We are all so excited! One of the 6 chickens laid an egg, finally! I went out this morning, around 6:30am, and gave the chickens their snack, some cheerios, said my good mornings.....checked the box, again, no eggs!!! So, I went back in the house, and got my morning chores done, and ran out of the house to take Becca to school and then go to church for our MOPS Workers Orientation Meeting. So Davey and I get home around 11:30ish and I see this note from my hubby...."guess what I found, look on the top shelf in the refrigerator". So I'm wondering what on earth did David find, and it's in the frig? Now I know he wouldn't be bringing me food or sweets since I've been on a strict diet, so what could it be? So I looked, and of course didn't see anything special. So I read the note again, and looked in the frig again, and in a bowl on the top shelf was a BROWN EGG!!!! What an exciting feeling. I didn't tell Davey yet, cause I want to tell Becca and Davey at the same time when Becca gets home from school. They will be so excited. It figures the chicken didn't lay the egg for me......but she laid the egg for a man, my hubby! Typical women!! I guess it's right, since he's the one feeding them, and cleaning up after them. How sweet!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We have new additions to our family!!!!

Just wanted to show you the new additions to our family! The chickens have finally arrived, and the Hen House is finally complete. We are so excited, and the chickens are enjoying their new home. We got 6 hens....Becca named them all.....Elizabeth, Louise, Starlite, Kloe, Lollybye, and Chickie. Davey wanted to name one of them "Bob", I wanted Becca to name them "old fashioned" names, but she insisted on using these least she used Elizabeth and Louise. So, here are the pictures, enjoy!!!!

The chickens are HERE!!!

Yes, the chickens are finally here. Our friend Paul brought them over today. We are so excited about it...well, my hubby and the kids that is.... I'm not too thrilled with the idea. I will be happy when they start laying their eggs! I will show you pictures of them later on, when the hen house is completely finished. It's been 2 months in the making, and I really think you will enjoy the hubby and our friend Paul did an AWESOME job!!!! Becca is thinking on what to name all 6 of the kids are so excited! Pray for me!!!!HA!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall is in the Air - now the clean-up begins

Well, I do feel Fall in the air. Well, maybe not today, since it's a beautiful sunny, and HOT day here in good old New Jersey. But, my flowers are really looking all bloomed out. The marigolds in the back are really dying, and I do feel badly about it. But, everything must come to an end, and my flowers really looked spectacular this year. I'm happy to say that our pool is still open. Hubby and the kids are in there now actually. I won't go in, the water is just too cold for me, even though we've had the solar cover on, the water isn't warm the way I like it. But, next year we will have to close the pool. No need for it to remain open any longer if we're not using it. I don't like closing the pool. It's really a chore. The big ladder with the steps has to come out. All the hoses have to be disconnected, we have to put in special chemicals so the pool water stays clear, and no algae gets in, but the water is always green when we open it.... who knows why. And I might add, I help my hubby close the pool every year, and every year he can really be a bear. So, I don't enjoy closing the pool.

Today Davey is sick with a cold, so I stayed home from church with him. I organized my closet, which was a total mess. Seems like everything ends up in my closet. So I took some time to clean it out. I think it looks very nice. When the cooler weather comes, I will have to change my closet around, and put all my fall/winter clothes back in. I also cleaned out my "office" in the kitchen. Well, I call it my office, but it really isn't an office. I use one whole cabinet for my papers, address books, coupons, kids school papers, etc. It looks so nice now, my sister would be very proud. Ok, not much to talk about. Later....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Brother Billy!

Just want to wish my brother Billy a very Happy Birthday! I know your family always makes it a wonderful day. Let's see, will Beth make your favorite meal like Mom always made for us when we were growing up? What is your favorite meal anyway???? I know you will miss Daddy calling you today on your Birthday, and singing to you....I'm sure Mom called first thing this morning...but it probably wasn't the same without Dad's "off-key" singing voice. Ok, enjoy your day....Happy Birthday again.....Billy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Great Is Our God!

Ok, I have been thinking maybe I shouldn't share this story with everyone...but I don't have any secrets in my life, I kind of live my life as an open here it goes. Like I shared earlier, we all went to Cape May about 2 weeks ago. Everything started out smooth, and wonderful. The Friday when we got there, we went down to the beach around 4ish, since we couldn't get in our room until 3pm. So we were all so excited, and ran down to the beach. Christine and her 2 kids came down, along with all of us, and the beach wasn't crowded. So, we were all having a great time, jumping the waves, the kids were playing in the sand, and in the water. Davey was with my hubby building a sand castle, and Christine and I were sitting in our chairs talking. The kids went behind us, and Christine turned her chair around to watch them.......everyone was in our sight. Then after several minutes, I screamed, "where's Davey?" Davey wasn't anywhere in our sight!!!! We called his name, and he wasn't anywhere. At first I knew he would come running, "here I am Mommy...." But no, not this time. Panicked and scared, we all ran around the beach screaming his name! My hubby, Christine, and Becca ran up and down the beach, but Davey was no where! I was numb, just standing there yelling his name, confused, and scared. My hubby ran back towards me, and ran the other way down the beach, calling his name. Christine went with him. I just stood there, scared like crazy, and crying out to my Lord, "Lord, where is my baby? Protect him wherever he is." The lifeguards were told, everyone on the beach was looking for Davey. My thoughts were going crazy, I was thinking that my baby was lost forever, someone had him, kidnapped him, that I would never see him again....never see him grow mind was doing terrible things to me....I was crying, and just numb, not knowing what to do, the beach was so big, the ocean was so big...where on earth did this little boy go? He never leaves us, he is always by my side. All I could do was pray, and I prayed and prayed.... My hubby had help from another beach goer, and his family, they all went running down the beach looking for Davey. I just stood there, by our spot, praying, pleading with the Lord to make a way, that it can't be like this. We waited so long for Davey, he was a miracle sent from the Lord....I prayed for his little life to come into our home some 4 years could the Lord give us this precious little gift, and then take him away. All I would have is 4 short years with my little boy??? Everything was going crazy through my mind. Where was my faith?

But oh, the power of prayer! The power of our Lord. After about 20 minutes or so, I heard Christine, "Liz, they found him!!!!" I will never forget hearing her voice yelling to me, running to me, then holding me and us both crying, holding each other. I was stunned, where is he? I kept saying, are you sure it's him? Do they have the right little boy? I wouldn't believe them until I saw my little boy. Then a woman lifeguard came to me, and said yes they have Davey. Then where on earth is he? She said he's a little ways down the beach. Ok, let's walk to him, I said. No, he was so far down the beach that we had to drive to him!!! They put me in one of those lifeguard trucks, and there we went down the beach. I kept saying to the man lifeguard, are you sure it's my little boy? Where's my husband, I have to tell him, he's out looking for my little boy. I saw Becca on the beach and told her to go back to our spot and look for Christine. We were driving for about 3 minutes, are we there yet? How far is it? Where is he? Finally, about 1/2 mile down the beach there was this crowd of people, and I could make out a man walking towards me, holding a little boy, it was my hubby and DAVEY!!! Oh, what a relief, my heart was in my mouth!!!! My hubby was out of breath, and all sweaty. It looked like he was having a heart attack, he was having such a hard time breathing...but I knew he was just so relieved, and that he was scared crazy too. I grabbed my little boy, hugged him so hard, and just started crying. I asked Davey what happened, and he said "I couldn't find our spot, I was looking for seashells, and then I couldn't find you"! We rode back to our spot, everyone on the beach was giving us the thumbs up...we all felt like celebrity's.....what a feeling to have my little boy back in my arms.

Two weeks have past since that incident. I think about it all the time, day in and day out. I find myself crying happy tears of relief at any point during the day. Sometimes I can't sleep because I am still rethinking the whole incident. I am so grateful to my Lord for His wonderful shield of protection over my little boy. For His faithfulness to my family. Anything could have happened that day. I will say it again, the Lord is so FAITHFUL! This story could have gone a different way. But the Lord was faithful, He put the right people in our path to help us FIND OUR LITTLE BOY. Words can not express my thankfulness to my Lord. And I must add this. I believe that our loved ones who are already in heaven, can see us here on earth at times.... I believe that day, my Dad was looking down from heaven, and he saw everything that was going on, that his little grandson was LOST! I believe that Dad, while in heaven, went to the Lord, and said, "Lord, do you see what is going on down there with my Grandson? Do you see my daughter Lizabeth crying, and worried?" And then I can see the Lord putting His hand on my Dads shoulder, saying "don't worry, I have everything under control. Look there she is, holding Davey again....all is well". Yes, all is well...I have my little boy back. It seemed like forever, even though it was 20 minutes.

Our Vacation in Cape May

We went to Cape May about 2 weeks ago, and I have wanted to share pictures and tell you all about it. We went with our friends John and Christine and their kids, Mark and Christopher. We had a blast!!!! The beach was beautiful, and the ocean was so clean and WARM!!! I love the ocean, but if it's cold, I won't go in. But this water was wonderful. The kids played so nice, built sand castles on the beach, rode the waves, and just had a blast! We played mini golf, and the kids just had a great time doing that as well...this was Davey's first time at mini golf, and he did so well, that he and Becca won a free game!!! We took a trolley ride to the mini boardwalk, and then had ice cream. We went shopping, and I found a picture with the saying, "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much"...I love that saying, and been looking for it for a while now. We had a wonderful time with our friends, and will hope they want to go back with us again. We got along so well with John and Christine...they like to do the same things we enjoy doing. Next year we plan on going back for a week, it was just so much fun! The best part of my vacation was sitting on my beach chair, with my feet in the water, enjoying the waves hitting me. We had wonderful weather, sunny warm days...what a way to say good bye to our summer.....I would say this summer was one of the best ever!

Friday, September 5, 2008

School Days again!

Yes, it's that wonderful time again, the kids go back to school. Actually in the past years, I would cry and miss my kids. Becca went off yesterday, she was so excited. She started 7th grade, she's really turning into a young lady. We had a very busy summer this year. Everyday Becca's "friends" would be here swimming in the pool or playing something, so I was ready for some quiet. Davey went to his 2 day afternoon preschool, and guess what, he didn't cry, and I didn't cry!!! Last year all Davey did was cry, and yep, I would cried too. I think this year I finally realized I need a break. Anyway, both kids LOVED school, and I enjoyed 2 hours by myself, and I really wished it was longer this time around. But things soon got back to normal when "the friends" came over right after school, wanting to go in the pool, and just hang out. It's ok, better hang out here, so I can keep an eye on them, yes it's that control thing again.... Until next time...