Friday, September 26, 2008

Our First EGG!!

We are all so excited! One of the 6 chickens laid an egg, finally! I went out this morning, around 6:30am, and gave the chickens their snack, some cheerios, said my good mornings.....checked the box, again, no eggs!!! So, I went back in the house, and got my morning chores done, and ran out of the house to take Becca to school and then go to church for our MOPS Workers Orientation Meeting. So Davey and I get home around 11:30ish and I see this note from my hubby...."guess what I found, look on the top shelf in the refrigerator". So I'm wondering what on earth did David find, and it's in the frig? Now I know he wouldn't be bringing me food or sweets since I've been on a strict diet, so what could it be? So I looked, and of course didn't see anything special. So I read the note again, and looked in the frig again, and in a bowl on the top shelf was a BROWN EGG!!!! What an exciting feeling. I didn't tell Davey yet, cause I want to tell Becca and Davey at the same time when Becca gets home from school. They will be so excited. It figures the chicken didn't lay the egg for me......but she laid the egg for a man, my hubby! Typical women!! I guess it's right, since he's the one feeding them, and cleaning up after them. How sweet!!!!


Jen said...

Yeah! You should poke 2 holes in it, blow the insides out, and decorate and it somehow to remember this day! Hee hee!

Bill's Blog said...

Congratulations! That's eggscellent! Enjoy.

Liz said...

Funny, my sister said the same thing, we'll see...I'll ask my hubby if HE wants to do it.....thanks.