Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Foot - Part 2

Hi everyone...seems like everyone is so concerned about my foot. Yes I am in so much pain, can't tell you! Nothing is helping. But I did go to the doctor, and I have a sprained ligament, and he wouldn't give me a shot, cause that wouldn't help. So, I have to stay away from flip-flops, sandels, and wear sneakers! Yep, SNEAKERS!!!! I don't own a pair of after, we went to Famous Footware and bought a really good pair of New Balance sneakers.....yes they do make my feet look big - I know you're all thinking that. Anyway, so thank God it's the end of summer, cause I never wear sneakers...but these are nice. My toes are so nicely done too, and no one will see them...oh well....The doctor said the only way my foot will get better (it's so swollen) is to REST it, and ICE thank God my hubby was with me, and heard it all from the doctor....cause you all know Liz never sits during the my hubby will have to help out for once! It won't last, I know it. So, after I'm off of here, I will go to the sofa and ice it. I have to wear my sneakers in the house too, ugh!!! I love being barefoot, this will be so hard for me. The doctor also prescribed a presciption, but guess what, we dropped it off, went home and hubby went back to pick it up after 1 hour, and the pharmacy couldn't fill it, cause they needed pre-approval from the insurance company... never heard of that, I guess cause it's not I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30am, and won't even have the painkillers!!! Now what??? Live with the pain until Tuesday! Ok, thank you all for praying and keeping me in your thoughts. Pray for me this weekend, I really want to have a great time......I'll keep you posted when we get back.

My foot!

Ok, I hurt my foot. I am in so much pain, I can't tell you! And we're going on vacation tomorrow! I have waited all summer to go to Cape May, and go swimming in the ocean, and now this! I do have a doctor's appointment today at 4:45pm, thankfully they squeezed me in...hopefully he will help me, and ease the pain so I can walk. I feel like an old lady, limping as I walk. Today we went to Becca's school to see all her classrooms, and I couldn't even do it, I had to go back to the car and wait for her. I've had a problem with this foot when Davey came 4 years ago. I had a terrible heel spur....I had many cortizone shots, and finally this year my foot was fine. No pain, nothing, it was wonderful being without pain for once! Now this weekend, my ankle blew up all swollen and everything, but it was ok, I could still walk and do everything that I do here at home, it didn't stop me. Yesterday it was tolerable, but today the pain is so bad. So, friends out there, please keep me in prayer, so I can go tomorrow to this wonderful family vacation, and enjoy every moment of it. We plan on going to the Cape May Zoo first, but how will I with my foot so bad? Ok, I know my Lord can make a way for me. I'll let you know how it all goes. Later....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We went Sailing!

What a terrific Sunday we had! First we went to church, of course, then we were invited to go sailing with our friends Kurt and Cindy and their kids. What a blast we had. We went on their 38 foot sailboat. The boat was at the Liberty State Park Marina, and my hubby actually works at Liberty State Park. At first I was nervous...for the kids of course, and yes me too. I was nervous that the sailboat would tip. But Kurt and Cindy assured me that all will be well. We had such a blast, I can't tell you how refreshing it is being on the water with the wind blowing in your face, and hair. My hair was a mess, and I didn't even care. Becca loved the fact that she could sit all the way up front with the waves splashing on her. Davey was a little scared at first, but then got the hang of it. The kids all did great, and had a great time too. We sailed up the Hudson River, over to the East Side of Manhattan. We went under the Brooklyn Bridge, and past South Street Seaport...I use to work right there on Broad Street/Water Street. I saw my old office building, brought back many memories for me.....I don't miss working at all, I might add. But it was sad not seeing the World Trade Center, this has been the first time being back to Lower Manhattan and not seeing the WTC. We past Ellis Island, and then the Statue of Liberty. What a beautiful day it was, not a cloud in the sky! After about 6 hours or so, we went back to the Marina and docked, then we even BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs right there on the boat. Then for a special treat my hubby took us all to the Statue of Liberty. The guys at his work took us over on their private work boat, what a TREAT! We went over around 7:30pm, after hours, and had the whole place to ourselves, we even climbed the stairs to the crown, which has been closed now for many years! All in all the day was perfect, a good time was had by all...a good time with our friends!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Zoo in the Woods

We had a great time at "Claws & Paws" last week. This zoo is known to be the "zoo in the woods" in the Pocono's. The weather was really chilly, and we didn't think to bring sweat shirts. It was about 65 in the woods, but we had such a blast, and it did warm up when the sun finally came out! The kids loved all the animals, and fun things to do at this zoo. I especially loved the "bears"......I wonder why? Next time you want to go to the zoo, try "Claws & Paws". Enjoy the pictures.

"Quote of the Day"

The other day, Becca had a splinter in her foot, and it really needed to come out. She was crying and really acting up. My hubby was really trying to be patient, picking at the skin trying to get the splinter out. We had a flashlight, tweezers, safety pin all at hand, trying to get this splinter out. Davey was really into it. Watching his daddy do his thing, while his big sister was really acting like a 2 year old. My hubby asked me if we had a magnifying glass, and of course I said "no". Then my little 4 year old Davey said this....."we can use Opa's magnifying glass, cause he's DEAD, and he won't care!".......I thought it was shocking at first, then we all burst into this laughter. Davey just said it, so nonchalant, and really meant it. The kids use to love playing with Opa's magnifying glass, but Opa would get upset with them. One day Dad called over saying he couldn't find his magnifying glass, and if Davey had used it the last time we were over. I asked Davey, and he said no. Dad was so insisting that Davey took his magnifying glass and hid it somewhere. It was missing for days. Dad would call here almost every day until Mom finally found it. Davey had nothing to do with its Mom said. Ok, just thought you all would enjoy my little boys "quote of the day"....there may be more to come.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Day At Our Town Fair

Well, I did it, I caved in and took my kids to our town Fair. Our town here does this really BIG Fair. We have gone in the past...many times actually. But the Fair is so expensive. So, I decided this year we would go, and let the kids have a great time. I planned the day with my friend Cindy, and her 4 kids. We put the date on our calendar.....and we met by 10am. Don't get me wrong, I do like the Fair, what I dislike is the RIDES!!! Our Fair is great. It's main attraction is the animals. We live among many dairy farms, and the Fair is full of showing cows, goats, chickens, roosters, you name it, a nice "country Fair". We even have a building of exhibits...."who made the best pie, best jam," you get it. Anyway, the rides, oh those, excuse me, darn rides. My kids love those rides, and they are so expensive, dirty, and, I think dangerous! So, yes, we bought Becca the "wrist band," it was $20.00. The admission for me was $11.00, Becca was $5.00, and Davey was free, thank God! Davey wanted to ride the rides too, so I knew there wouldn't be many "little boy" rides, so I bought him 10 tickets...yep 10 tickets. So I thought, he could go on 10 rides. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Each ride you had to pay 3 - 4 tickets!!!!! So, poor Davey got to go on about 4 rides or was fine, cause unlike his big sister, he didn't care, he just wanted to be with his mommy. So, we arranged ahead of time that Becca would go off with my friend Cindy and her kids, and after Davey was done with his rides, we walk around just a bit more, I bought him a little toy, he loved it, and then we went home by 3:30pm. We got there by 10am, and I thought 5 1/2 hours was fine to be at the Fair......Becca stayed with Cindy and family and slept over their house tonight. I called Cindy tonight, around 8pm to see if all was going ok, and she said they were just heading back to the RIDES!!!! Wow, what an awesome mom Cindy is!!! I give her credit, I could never spend the whole entire day at the Fair, especially riding those RIDES!!!! We did get to see all the animals, and exhibits before the rides opened. We had a nice boxed lunch overlooking the horses. I know Becca had the time of her life, spending the whole entire day at the Fair, with another family.....riding those RIDES!!!

I, too, had a wonderful time here at home tonight. Davey and I got home by 4pm, we went in our much needed pool. My hubby woke up and bar-be-cued hamburgers. We had a nice "quiet" dinner. My hubby left by 6pm for work. I then put my very tired little boy to bed by, yes, I am having the time of my life tonight, all alone for once. The house is quiet. I sat outside on the porch on my swing...didn't have to talk to anyone, it was so nice and quiet. Davey will be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and Becca will be home tomorrow afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I miss Becca, but a break like this is nice for me, for once.

I suggest, you take your kids to the Fair, but make sure you find a very special friend who LOVES taking her kids to the Fair as well. Then I suggest you plan, ahead of time, to entrust your child with that special friend. Then leave the Fair early, like I did, go home and enjoy the rest of your day, just like I did!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday to MY "Little Girl"

Well, it was just Becca's 12th Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, "little girl", Becca! I can't believe she just turned 12!!! Becca is growing up so fast, I guess I can't say my "little Girl anymore. I remember all of the past birthday's we have celebrated with her....I have always thrown her a "friends" birthday and a family birthday party. This past Wednesday was the friends birthday. We had 10 of Becca's good friends was a pool/Wii party. Yes, we bought her the Wii game for her birthday, and she just LOVES it!!! I made homemade pizza for everyone, and it really was a nice time. Then she had her good friend Jessica sleep over. That went ok, too. The family birthday party was nice too. I would say it was quiet. Not everyone could come, so it was very low-key. I made baked ziti, with meatballs, eggplant parm, a delicious toss salad with cucumbers, tomatoes from our garden, and feta cheese. I do have a lot of leftovers, since I do cook "big"....Mom made homemade sausage rolls, delicious!!! Then I made a "homemade" (I like the box cakes so much better) chocolate was delicious too. I always make the b.d. cakes for my kids....for Becca's 4th and 6th birthdays, I made this beautiful "Barbie Cake"...she loved it so much. It was difficult, and time consuming, but well worth that huge smile on Becca's face! Mom Somma made homemade chocolate cookies. It was a big eating day for me, which isn't very good....I'll talk about that some other time. Anyway, Becca got money, webkinz, gift cards, and a "rocker fishing rod" for her b.d. She did enjoy playing the Wii with her cousins, and I think a good time was had by all.

Yesterday, Sunday, August 3rd, was Becca's actual birthday. We went to church and then to our Shepherding group. I bought a large sheet cake from Costco for Becca and our leader/shepherd, Kurt and a little girl in the group, Rachel...they all celebrate their birthdays days apart. So, we are all "caked" out was a wonderful time yesterday getting together with our church friends....and enjoying every one's fellowship.

Yes, my "little girl" is growing up. She is becoming a beautiful woman....very hard for me to say this. I took her shopping to Fashion Bug, she got 2 gift cards for her birthday. She got some nice things for back to school. Becca clearly isn't a little girl anymore.....I don't have to say more. My prayer for my "little girl"....Lord help Rebecca to grow up loving YOU, serving YOU....and making YOU the Lord of her her to make all the right decisions, now is such a critical time in her life. Protect her from the evil that is out there. And help her to always be innocent, doing good, and loving her Lord Jesus.