Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday to MY "Little Girl"

Well, it was just Becca's 12th Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, "little girl", Becca! I can't believe she just turned 12!!! Becca is growing up so fast, I guess I can't say my "little Girl anymore. I remember all of the past birthday's we have celebrated with her....I have always thrown her a "friends" birthday and a family birthday party. This past Wednesday was the friends birthday. We had 10 of Becca's good friends was a pool/Wii party. Yes, we bought her the Wii game for her birthday, and she just LOVES it!!! I made homemade pizza for everyone, and it really was a nice time. Then she had her good friend Jessica sleep over. That went ok, too. The family birthday party was nice too. I would say it was quiet. Not everyone could come, so it was very low-key. I made baked ziti, with meatballs, eggplant parm, a delicious toss salad with cucumbers, tomatoes from our garden, and feta cheese. I do have a lot of leftovers, since I do cook "big"....Mom made homemade sausage rolls, delicious!!! Then I made a "homemade" (I like the box cakes so much better) chocolate was delicious too. I always make the b.d. cakes for my kids....for Becca's 4th and 6th birthdays, I made this beautiful "Barbie Cake"...she loved it so much. It was difficult, and time consuming, but well worth that huge smile on Becca's face! Mom Somma made homemade chocolate cookies. It was a big eating day for me, which isn't very good....I'll talk about that some other time. Anyway, Becca got money, webkinz, gift cards, and a "rocker fishing rod" for her b.d. She did enjoy playing the Wii with her cousins, and I think a good time was had by all.

Yesterday, Sunday, August 3rd, was Becca's actual birthday. We went to church and then to our Shepherding group. I bought a large sheet cake from Costco for Becca and our leader/shepherd, Kurt and a little girl in the group, Rachel...they all celebrate their birthdays days apart. So, we are all "caked" out was a wonderful time yesterday getting together with our church friends....and enjoying every one's fellowship.

Yes, my "little girl" is growing up. She is becoming a beautiful woman....very hard for me to say this. I took her shopping to Fashion Bug, she got 2 gift cards for her birthday. She got some nice things for back to school. Becca clearly isn't a little girl anymore.....I don't have to say more. My prayer for my "little girl"....Lord help Rebecca to grow up loving YOU, serving YOU....and making YOU the Lord of her her to make all the right decisions, now is such a critical time in her life. Protect her from the evil that is out there. And help her to always be innocent, doing good, and loving her Lord Jesus.


Busy Mom in NJ said...

Happy Birthday Becca! Time is going so fast. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

The Crazy Bus said...

Happy Birthday Becca!!!!
Love, all the Colarusso's!!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Becca. You will all love the Wii game we have one too and our whole family loves to play together. Sounds like you had a great party. My kids birthdays are in the winter and it is harder to have those friends parties with all the kids running around inside the house.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Becca! You are such a beautiful young lady! Stay as sweet and kind as you are. And, I don't think you have anything to worry about, Liz. She's a good kid, and you guys are bringing her up well. Instill in her the love of Jesus and what is good and right, continue to remind her and encourage her, and she will find her way. You have a wonderful relationship with her, too - open and talkative and truthful. This is important as she grows, because she knows she can come to you with anything. I see it already with my Tori-Leigh. Half the girls her age don't say, "Boo" to their Moms about anything, but not Tori. She tells it to me ALL, even if it is not something I would be happy to hear about, but at least I know I can trust her, and that she is not doing the things she is telling me about or that other kids are doing (Thank you, God). Always keep those lines of communication open! Love ya', Liz. You ROCK as a Mom!