Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Foot - Part 2

Hi everyone...seems like everyone is so concerned about my foot. Yes I am in so much pain, can't tell you! Nothing is helping. But I did go to the doctor, and I have a sprained ligament, and he wouldn't give me a shot, cause that wouldn't help. So, I have to stay away from flip-flops, sandels, and wear sneakers! Yep, SNEAKERS!!!! I don't own a pair of after, we went to Famous Footware and bought a really good pair of New Balance sneakers.....yes they do make my feet look big - I know you're all thinking that. Anyway, so thank God it's the end of summer, cause I never wear sneakers...but these are nice. My toes are so nicely done too, and no one will see them...oh well....The doctor said the only way my foot will get better (it's so swollen) is to REST it, and ICE thank God my hubby was with me, and heard it all from the doctor....cause you all know Liz never sits during the my hubby will have to help out for once! It won't last, I know it. So, after I'm off of here, I will go to the sofa and ice it. I have to wear my sneakers in the house too, ugh!!! I love being barefoot, this will be so hard for me. The doctor also prescribed a presciption, but guess what, we dropped it off, went home and hubby went back to pick it up after 1 hour, and the pharmacy couldn't fill it, cause they needed pre-approval from the insurance company... never heard of that, I guess cause it's not I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30am, and won't even have the painkillers!!! Now what??? Live with the pain until Tuesday! Ok, thank you all for praying and keeping me in your thoughts. Pray for me this weekend, I really want to have a great time......I'll keep you posted when we get back.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your foot, and I hope it doesn't interfere too much with your Cape May vacation. That is where we took our vacation the week of 4th of July! I love Cape May! We rented a house for the week with friends and had such a blast! So, enjoy! And we will talk to you when you get back.


Jen said...

Hope your foot is doing okay and getting the kids back to school went okay too :)