Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here?

Hi everyone. Yes, it's me. I've been very lazy with my blog lately. Just don't seem to have any wanting to write a post. Should I give up this blog? I started this blog about one year ago, and really have enjoyed writing it.

Life here at our house has been so busy with the kids, hubby, and just plain old life. I'm sure you all can relate. I'm very excited that Spring is finally here. Yes, I can give up Winter finally, and you all know how much I love winter! Today we actually had snow flurries here in Northern New Jersey, and man was it chilly outside, too!

What a wonderful thing my hubby did for me this past week, he raked up the front yard! You see, my hubby NEVER goes out to rake on his own. We both raked this past October, but I had to light that fire under him. But this past Tuesday, he actually made my day, and went out on his own, and raked up the front yard, without me even having to ask! Now that is pure love! Thank you hunny, but please don't forget the back yard and the side yards!

With Spring being here, it means we have to get outside and start cleaning up the yard, planning our flower and veggie gardens, I so do enjoy doing all that. Last year I planted flower and veggie seeds in April. I planted the little seeds in those plastic green houses, keeping them warm in the house. My marigolds were the biggest and prettiest EVER!!! I plan on starting that real soon. It also means that we'll have to start thinking about opening the pool, ugh, what a nightmare we had last year! But I am hopeful that this year all will be well.

And, of course, with Spring being here, it also brings back so many memories of my Dad's tragic fall and then death. All those emotions are coming back to me now, and can just make me sad. Love your family to the fullest, be kind and thoughtful everyday, because tomorrow they may not be here!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March came in like a lion......

Well it's been some week for me. With being sick all last week, and my son Davey being sick with yet another ear infection, you would think all would be well here in our home. This morning I woke up with a urinary track infection! Yes, oh the pain! Have you ever had one? They are so painful. It's snowing here in New Jersey, and yes, another snow day, which is fine. But I needed to get to the doctor right away. So, I called hoping and praying they would be in, and yes, thank God the doctor was in, and I got my appointment for 9:30am. My hubby had to drive me since the roads were just awful. We live off an old country road, and the snowplow hardly ever comes down that road, and it's just not very easy to drive on a snowy day. So, I get my med's and come home, feeling really awful. But I know all will be well cause the med's will kick in soon....and they are, thank GOD!!!!

Davey has been sick with one ear infection after the other for his whole little life. He had the tubes put in when he was only 15 months old, and that really made a big difference. He has been ear infection free for a very long time. But, of course, the tubes fell out, and now he's getting those ear infections yet again. I feel for him, because they are very painful. So this past weekend we took Davey to the doctor for his fever and cold, and yes another ear infection. The doctor told us that we should bring him back to the specialist, and he'll probably need another surgery...oh joy!

Back when Davey had the first surgery, just knowing that my little baby boy would be going in under the knife scared the life out of me. I ended up in hospital 2 days before....with a migraine and dehydration! I do believe it was from worry about my little baby going into the hospital, being put under anesthesia, and all that goes with surgery. So what will happen this time? Seems like Davey's little 5 years of life have been one thing after the other. He's a wonderful little boy, and brings such great joy to my life......and a lot of worry I must add.

But I know all will be well with Davey, the Lord will guard his little life, like He has in the past. I will keep you all updated about the new tubes in his little ears. Who knows, a miracle can happen and he may not even need them.

Enjoy the snow, it will be around for a while with this cold weather here in the Northeast. March came in like a lion, I'm sure it will leave like a lamb. I will miss winter, oh how I enjoyed the coziness of the winter this year. Before we know it, we will all be outside working in our yards, getting ready for Summer. Did I say Summer? Yes I did!