Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eggs - glorious eggs - Martha Junior

Eggs - glorious eggs - what are we doing with all these eggs? Well Becca is taking home-ec in school these days...and she is really loving it. So, she wanted to cook something, and I suggested how about a quiche? Becca loves quiche, and she was all for it. So, she comes home after school and we start making the quiche. I always make homemade pie dough, the store-bought stuff is way too expensive, and taste GROSS, and I can make 2 pie shells for pennies. I have a really easy and delicious recipe for homemade pie dough, it's a never-fail recipe. Becca is in charge of the kitchen this afternoon, and it's really hard for me, cause it's my kitchen, and I want things done just so. But she is just like her mommy, and she wants things just so too. She starts cracking the eggs, whisks in the milk, sautes the onions and mushrooms, adds the cheese. I show her how to roll out the pie dough, she's an old pro at that too. Hum.....maybe she can do this once a week for us? She adds the bacon and cheese, and we add everything to the freshly rolled out pie shells, put the quiches in the oven, and they bake. She, of course, then got an attitude with me, something my 12 year old does often these days....so I told her since she made the mess, she must clean it up. She didn't like that idea...but she cleaned everything up very tidy...just like her mom. The quiches came out terrific, we all had them for dinner that night with a fruit salad. DELICIOUS! Thank you Becca :)

Davey's School Trip - a day on the Farm

About a couple of weeks ago, Davey's preschool went on a class trip to "Heaven Hill Farm". We all went Pumpkim picking...and did so many other fun activities there. We saw the pigs and piglets, they were sooo cute! Checked out the chickens....our "girls" are prettier :) And then took a "scary hayride". The kids loved it, and I did too. Check out the pictures from that day. Enjoy!

Apple Picking and other stuff

A few weeks back we all went apple picking. We had a blast! The kids loved the tracker ride, and picking the apples. We used up just about all the apples, making apple pies, apple sauce, and just munching on the apples...delicious! After apple picking, we went out to dinner to one of our favorite places, "The Chatterbox". It's one of those old fashion 50's kind of places. I had the best hamburger in the world there...if you know me, you know my favorite thing to eat is a hamburger...but it has to be a "good" hamburger...not one of those frozen patties. And the "Chatterbox" makes one of the best hamburgers around. It was a great day - enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

House still smells a little

Well after 6 days, our house still smells a little. We've done everything to get the skunk smell out. The bathroom is the worse, since that's where I had to bath Perdie that dreadful night! I think its in the exhaust fan up there. We've used every de-skunking product.... Perdie went to the groomer on Monday, and she came back smelling wonderful...then by Thursday she began to stink again! So, I bathed her outside on the deck that afternoon, and then took her back to the groomer on Friday for a FREE bath! Wasn't that nice! So today she is smelling really nice...but the house still has this hint of skunk in it. Very upsetting! I still have the smell on my hands too....my advice to you all....DON'T GET A DOG!!!! When Perdie was a puppy, she had Mange - a very contagious mite in her body. We had to bath her in this yellow stuff, she smelled like rotten eggs and she turned yellow!!! The mange is very contagious, like I said...and guess who got it??? Yes, I got it all over my body...since all Perdie would do is lay on me when she was a pup. She really was cute....back then. No she's cute and loving now...just more of a pain. But she's part of the family.

Davey was sick at the beginning of the week, now Becca has Strep today. We just got back from the doctors, and sure enough, STREP! I kind of knew it was Strep, she came home from school yesterday with a slight fever and a very bad sore throat, wouldn't talk much....that's not Becca. She went to the Harvest Dance at school last night. She was so excited to go with her best girlfriends...but when she came home at 9pm, she didn't look good, and would hardly talk about the dance. And I wanted to hear everything!!!! So, this morning she got up early, she had a fever of 101. She's in bed now, sleeping all day....it's very quiet in our house! Now if only I could get Davey to take a nap, I would have some alone time.

I'm making Lentil Soup for tonight, it's cold, windy and rainy outside...perfect day for soup. We have been getting 5 eggs a day still, so I will use some up and make a nice quiche for tonight as well. Two of Becca 's favorite meals...hopefully she'll eat tonight. Later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Today is our 20th Wedding Anniversary!!!! I would like to wish my hubby a Happy Anniversary! David you know how much I love you...I know sometimes life is so busy for us to take time alone...but you know I love you...and will cherish our marriage always! I love you! Lizzie

Monday, October 20, 2008

The smell is about gone! What a job!

I know some of you are so concern for my situation here. And I wanted to update you all about our smelly house and dog. Perdie got to the groomer today at 9am. She is all clean and fluffy...and that skunk smell is GONE!!!! Praise the Lord! We got some good "skunk begone" cleaners today...and for the most part, the house is pretty well skunk free. Thank the Lord today was a beautiful day...and we had all the windows open to get rid of that smell. So, I think we will all be able to sleep tonight. Thank you all for your prayers...and isn't it just wonderful that our Lord even helps us with the "small stuff"? He is concerned for every little thing that goes on in my life...even a smelly house and dog! AMEN!

Worst smell in the world...Perdie got skunked!!!

Ok, life here for me has been so busy....but it's all good. So last night we come home from our friends John and Christine's house....they made a delicious dinner for us...the fellowship was wonderful....kids all played nice. So, my hubby is downstairs putting on our pellet stove, since it's very cold outside...it's around 8pm, got Davey to bed....trying to relax some. Perdie, the dog has to go out. Becca lets her out the front door, and she goes running!!! She won't come back in...finally she comes back in....and I hear...."what's that smell?" I didn't smell anything....then it came...that horrible skunk smell...."Perdie got sprayed by a SKUNK!" My worst fears!!! "GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!" We put her in the front, tie her up with her leash. The house smells awful, and my hubby goes around opening all the front windows...big mistake! The smell from Perdie came right in the windows...and wow what a smell...and now I have to get THAT SMELL off my Perdie. Well, right away I go onto the internet and found the solution...1 quart of Peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 tsp. dishing washing liquid. So, we take our smelly dog into the bathroom, into the bathtub and I wash her down. The skunk only got her chin down her neck...it was all yellow. So, I scrubbed her clean.....she was all wet, dried her up, and we gated her in our laundry room downstairs. But the house, oh did it SMELL!!! So, my hubby got the carpet cleaner machine...did all the carpets including the stairs.....I washed down all the floors, washed down the bathroom so well...we got the candles going, cooked some cinnamon in the oven...on top of the stove a mixture of Cinnamon, cloves, water.....but now the smell is in our bedroom....we awoke from it several times. It's coming from the bathroom. In the middle of the night we opened all the windows...yes it was like 29 out....and when I finally woke up (or should I say got out of bed, I didn't SLEEP!) the smell was still in the bathroom. So, I baked a loaf of bread this morning....saute onions, made breakfast...trying to get the smell out. Right now all the windows in our bedroom are open...since that's were the smell is coming from. Perdie doesn't stink anymore...she's still down in the laundry room....she's very sad. I made an appointment for a bath today at 9am....they will take care of that problem....and just continue to let the house air out. Davey woke up this morning and said, "the house doesn't "schmell" anymore" and Becca said the same. Becca was so cute..she usually lets Perdie sleep with her in her bed...but not last night! So she got the sleeping bag out, and slept downstairs with her....what LOVE!

This is the way my hubby and I are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary....going to the store today...buying a new leash, new collar, skunk cleaner....and then coming home and washing all the clothes we had on last night...all the throw rugs...all the towels, you name it. I would say last night was one of the worse nights I have ever had....well not really....but it was really smelly!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry...it's been a while

Hello...yes it's been a while. My life here at home has been so full! I do mean this in every good way. Just some quick updates, the chickens are doing so well. We get 5 eggs every day! The eggs are delicious, and I am surprised I enjoy taking care of "the girls". Becca has been so busy with her schoolwork, and homework. She's doing so well in school. She received her progress report and got all A's and 1 B in Math...yes, Math, surprising since she's always been a math "whiz". She's doing pre-algebra, and it's very hard this year for her...but she's in a high math class, and it's very challenging. Davey is doing so well...he's in his second year of preschool, and really loving it this year. No crying! I've been very busy with my new endeavor...I'm the new MOPPETS coordinator with our MOPs program at church. Last Friday was our first meeting, and yes, I did enjoy it. It's a lot of work so far, but I know everything will fall into place. I started going to Tuesday morning bible study at church, Davey comes too, and goes to his class...we are doing a study from Beth Moore. I've never done a Beth Moore study, and it's very good, but challenging for me. There are 5 days of homework!!!! Yes, and it's about 40 minutes of it, per day. So, I had to find time to fit this into my very busy schedule, when the house is quiet. So I do my bible study at 7pm when Davey is off to bed, Becca is watching t.v. down in the family room, and my hubby is at work. I'm doing this study for me, and no one else, I'm expecting great things from the Lord through this study. Hubby is doing fine...working hard of course. We are enjoying the Fall days here in New Jersey. The colors are spectacular this year...orange, red, yellows, so PRETTY!!! I decorated the house for fall, and the outside. Fall is my favorite season of all.

My hubby and I will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary next Wednesday, Oct. 22nd. I know you all can't believe it, since I look so young!!!HA! I surely can't believe it's been that long already. The Lord surely has blessed our marriage with wonderful blessings...2 of those blessings are Rebecca and David. Thank you Lord for blessing our marriage, and always being so faithful to us. Just wish my Dad was here to help us celebrate! Until next time..I'll post pictures soon.