Saturday, October 25, 2008

House still smells a little

Well after 6 days, our house still smells a little. We've done everything to get the skunk smell out. The bathroom is the worse, since that's where I had to bath Perdie that dreadful night! I think its in the exhaust fan up there. We've used every de-skunking product.... Perdie went to the groomer on Monday, and she came back smelling wonderful...then by Thursday she began to stink again! So, I bathed her outside on the deck that afternoon, and then took her back to the groomer on Friday for a FREE bath! Wasn't that nice! So today she is smelling really nice...but the house still has this hint of skunk in it. Very upsetting! I still have the smell on my hands advice to you all....DON'T GET A DOG!!!! When Perdie was a puppy, she had Mange - a very contagious mite in her body. We had to bath her in this yellow stuff, she smelled like rotten eggs and she turned yellow!!! The mange is very contagious, like I said...and guess who got it??? Yes, I got it all over my body...since all Perdie would do is lay on me when she was a pup. She really was cute....back then. No she's cute and loving now...just more of a pain. But she's part of the family.

Davey was sick at the beginning of the week, now Becca has Strep today. We just got back from the doctors, and sure enough, STREP! I kind of knew it was Strep, she came home from school yesterday with a slight fever and a very bad sore throat, wouldn't talk much....that's not Becca. She went to the Harvest Dance at school last night. She was so excited to go with her best girlfriends...but when she came home at 9pm, she didn't look good, and would hardly talk about the dance. And I wanted to hear everything!!!! So, this morning she got up early, she had a fever of 101. She's in bed now, sleeping all's very quiet in our house! Now if only I could get Davey to take a nap, I would have some alone time.

I'm making Lentil Soup for tonight, it's cold, windy and rainy outside...perfect day for soup. We have been getting 5 eggs a day still, so I will use some up and make a nice quiche for tonight as well. Two of Becca 's favorite meals...hopefully she'll eat tonight. Later.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sorry your house still smells! Never bring a skunked dog inside again...but I'm sure you know that by now. Anyway, I saw these things that you can put in your furnance along with the furnance filter and they're scented. I think I saw them at Lowes. Maybe try looking for something like that?? Sorry!

Liz said...

We don't have a furnance, electric's getting better....just life. Thanks.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Forgot you had electric heat! Oh well, just light some candles so the skunk smell can smell like apple pie or something. Too bad.

Sue said...

Ummmmmmmm, you daughter went to a DANCE.......blasphemy! I can just hear our parents (wink, wink) My daughter goes too. (hee, hee)