Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eggs - glorious eggs - Martha Junior

Eggs - glorious eggs - what are we doing with all these eggs? Well Becca is taking home-ec in school these days...and she is really loving it. So, she wanted to cook something, and I suggested how about a quiche? Becca loves quiche, and she was all for it. So, she comes home after school and we start making the quiche. I always make homemade pie dough, the store-bought stuff is way too expensive, and taste GROSS, and I can make 2 pie shells for pennies. I have a really easy and delicious recipe for homemade pie dough, it's a never-fail recipe. Becca is in charge of the kitchen this afternoon, and it's really hard for me, cause it's my kitchen, and I want things done just so. But she is just like her mommy, and she wants things just so too. She starts cracking the eggs, whisks in the milk, sautes the onions and mushrooms, adds the cheese. I show her how to roll out the pie dough, she's an old pro at that too. Hum.....maybe she can do this once a week for us? She adds the bacon and cheese, and we add everything to the freshly rolled out pie shells, put the quiches in the oven, and they bake. She, of course, then got an attitude with me, something my 12 year old does often these days....so I told her since she made the mess, she must clean it up. She didn't like that idea...but she cleaned everything up very tidy...just like her mom. The quiches came out terrific, we all had them for dinner that night with a fruit salad. DELICIOUS! Thank you Becca :)


The Crazy Bus said...

I wish I could have been there! It sounds delicious! Good Job Becca! And I love the pics!

Busy Mom in NJ said...

Yummy! You must share your pie dough recipe!!

the voice of melody said...

The quiche sounds great! I love bacon in mine too. Hope you enjoyed it.

Many sweet blessings!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Becca posing in the kitchen. What a cute little ham. Wonder where she gets it from ;-)