Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's wrong with Trick or Treating?

Ok, so I have some time before we have to get ready and leave for my in laws house this morning. I wasn't going to do a post...cause I don't have the time. But I knew if I didn't write about this, then I (like most times these days) would forget! Yes, my family goes trick or treating! Yes, I'm happy to say that. I grew up in a strick, but very loving christian family. My father was a pastor/preacher for over 50 years! We went trick or treating when we were younger, except when it fell on a Sunday, and our mom took us the Saturday embarrassing that was! Anyway, so many Christians are looking down on trick or treating, and looking down to us Christians who let our children celebrate the day. May I say Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!! Yes, don't fall off your chair, please! I do not worship satan.....and I am not a spirit worshiper either. I do think it's what you make Halloween to represent...and if you think Halloween is about satan, and all his crew...then of course, that's in your mind, you can think what you want. I love the Lord with all my heart....but to be honest, I don't feel that Halloween is a Satan Worshiper Holiday like some of you believe. Ok, you have stuff to prove it, yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't want to hear it! What about all the other holidays we celebrate...Christmas is suppose to be for Christ's birth, and Santa, Christmas trees, presents, and that stuff is brought into the picture, Easter, Christ's Resurrection, and then the Easter Bunny, candy is brought into that. I don't let my kids dress up in "dark" costumes, and we don't bring "spooky things" into our house. We kind of celebrate the Fall. I love the Fall, and cooler weather, especially after the hot summer days. I love the fact that my kids get excited to dress up in their favor characters....and then go around with their friends trick or treat, it's all very innocent. And how wonderful is it, that people actually give treats to our children for FREE! No one does anything anymore for free. And in this day of age, when prices everywhere are sky rocketing, our neighbors give our children free candy and treats. Amazing! But then yes, I agree when people make it not so innocent, and they want to ruin the day. Mostly everything in this world is of satan lately, he has his hands in everything...not just Halloween. Look around you, he's everywhere, tempting us to do wrong...trying to get to our children with his evil ways. That is something we all should be worried about...not pointing your fingers at Christians who go trick or treating innocently with their children. What I say is in Love. Anyway, Happy Belated Halloween!


Jen said...

We've always done trick or treating too Liz, and haven't been convinced yet that there's anything wrong with it! I too grew up in a Christian home, and we always went trick or treating too! I don't think many from our church do it, but several do. I know when we lived down there, I only remember us and the old youth pastor dressing up our kids, oh, Anna D did too!

My boys were Jedi knights (O was Anikan, and C was Obi Wan Kanobi - yup, we've let our kids watch Star Wars too), and M, was a princess on Thursday night (we went to my parents trick or treating because they weren't here last night), and then last night, she didn't want to be anything, so I put on a cow sweatshirt, and thankfully it had a hood, so when she changed her mind (which she did), I just put the hood up, but she wasn't all uncomfortable in the princess dress!

Then, we knew she'd have nothing to do with going trick or treating, so my husband took the boys (in my state - very big - I wouldn't have made it far - and they ended up walking around our neighborhood for 2.5 hours!), while M stayed home with me to give out treats.

You never did say what your kids were! I'll be posting pics only on my blog soon of my kids. We had a fun time!

Liz said...

Thanks Jen....Becca was a hip-hop girl and Davey was Spiderman! We had fun!

Bill's Blog said...

Hi Liz,
Who cares what people think! That's the problem with religion in the first place; everybody is pointing a finger saying that they're a better christian than you because you did "X." Who cares? Nobody has the right to tell anyone how they should be living their lives. We all interpret things differently. 10 people can read a scripture in the Bible and 10 people will all get a different meaning as to how it applies to one's life.
Nobody has the authority to tell you that you should not be doing something if you think it is okay. That's between you and God.
So go enjoy your Holidays and go enjoy your life. Who cares what other people say!

Liz said...

Thanks Billy....

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Right on home girl I love Halloween
I used to love it more but now I have to work on that day and my kids are older but it doesn't stop them from dressing up and going out to a party.
Halloween used to be a real fun day and of course the Christians in Full Gospel Church turned it into something real wicked. Altho the Pastor really wasn't against it. It was the people who boycotted it.

Laurie said...

I'm with you Liz, my kids also went trick or treating. I think these people are living in fear. According to them I should never have grown up a christian- it is amazing I went trick or treating, I went to public school, I even watched Bewitched on TV! Praise God I had Christen parents who loved me and PRAYED for me and took me to church and sunday school.

The Crazy Bus said...

Hey Liz- I went trick or treating when I was a kid and I came out alright! I guess :)
We don't do the trick or treat for our boys because they are extremeley sensitive and get frightened easily. i could dress them up like kittens, but it's the other things they see that will give them nightmares that I think could be avoided. The other day kevin refused to use a holloween napkin because he didn't like the pictures on it.( it was a cartoon dracula and witch). This is what I am talking about. If he can't look at a napkin, why am I going to torture him with kids dressed up as dead people and ghouls? I certainly don't think you are doing anything wrong, we just choose to have fun in other ways. (and besides, my kids can't handle their sweets too well either!)
We went to the harvest party at LfC. they ran around with glow sticks all night and roasted hotdogs and smores on a huge campfire, played on the playground, did face painting and gourd decorating,sang songs, and saw a ventriloquist to boot. (hayrides were cancelled due to the snow earlier in the week making the ground too wet).
there were so many kids there, and it was a great time. We plan on going to that every year.

AmyC said...

Hey Liz, my parents were both A/G rats, dad was a P.K. and they grew up with Halloween parties at church and Santa visiting Sunday School! My thinking was always that we would have to teach our kids the Satanic view of Halloween if we weren't going to trick or treat. Why even give Satan the enjoyment of handing him our fun? It's always just been a fun day to dress up and get candy. As they got older they understood there were some who made it about ghouls and goblins, but we would not do that. Probably more from our church skip it than participate, but we don't let it bother us.

Dave said...


We are doing the right thing. Bill is right. We have to decied. I went trick or treating as a kid and we turned out alright. We use the day for fun not evil. And your so right everything is going up and up yet we still give candy away for free. Must be something there. we went to public school, haved non christian friends and christian friends. We turned out okay. We just have to keep our kids on the stright and narrow and they will turn out okay.