Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Coldest Day so far...............

Well, as you can see life for me is a busy one. I try to blog, but can't do it everyday. Some of you out there blog every day! How on earth do you do it all? Anyway, today it's the coldest day here so far this Fall. I love the Autumn. I love everything about it, the changing of the leaves, the pumpkins, making pies, apple, pumpkin, you name it....with my own pie crust I might add! The coziness in the house with our pellet stove on. I do dislike it when the leaves fall, and we have to get out there and rake them all up....including our neighbors!!! Get out and rake your own leaves up - all they do is blow on my property, and I'm sick of it! Anyway, back to being happy.......I knew it would have been short lived......Like I said, today is one of the coldest days so far...and I just LOVE it. I feel the holidays, oops, sorry Dad, I mean Christmas in the air, I can wear all my pretty sweaters, and hide my fat arms, yeah I got these fat arms from my Grandma Santelli, and I even lost weight over the past 8 months, and these arms won't go down.....there I am again, going off track...just a day in the life of Liz....anyway, like I said before it's cold outside, and I do enjoy the cold. I know some of you enjoy the warmer temps, but if it's gonna be Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas, it must be chilly, or cold outside, and snow would be a real PLUS! But I do enjoy the heat in the summertime too...I enjoy all of my seasons. Go to Florida if you want a warm Thanksgiving or Christmas. We even had some snow this morning. Davey was so excited about it, he tried to catch some flakes on his tongue, don't think he got any, he's so cute!

I enjoy baking in the colder days, bread, cookies, you name it. I really can't bake much, cause then I'll eat it all....and it's not good for me. I enjoy making comfort food in the fall/winter months (I posted some delicious comfort food recipes earlier in the summer months I was thinking of Fall then, so go look at them) food can be so comforting on colds days, and I know my family really enjoys it all, too. Ok, it's gonna be a very cold week here in NJ, so go and put the fireplace on, light some candles, bake something hot and comforting for your family, and enjoy it all...I sure will, tonight I'm making Shepherds Pie...not sure if I shared the recipe with you already....maybe in tomorrow's post, if I have time.

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the voice of melody said...

Your blog does look nice, and this shade of green is actually kind of soothing and relaxing. :)

Hope you enjoyed your shepperd's pie. What a great comfort food to have on a cold day, right?

Many sweet blessings!