Monday, October 20, 2008

Worst smell in the world...Perdie got skunked!!!

Ok, life here for me has been so busy....but it's all good. So last night we come home from our friends John and Christine's house....they made a delicious dinner for us...the fellowship was all played nice. So, my hubby is downstairs putting on our pellet stove, since it's very cold's around 8pm, got Davey to bed....trying to relax some. Perdie, the dog has to go out. Becca lets her out the front door, and she goes running!!! She won't come back in...finally she comes back in....and I hear...."what's that smell?" I didn't smell anything....then it came...that horrible skunk smell...."Perdie got sprayed by a SKUNK!" My worst fears!!! "GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!" We put her in the front, tie her up with her leash. The house smells awful, and my hubby goes around opening all the front windows...big mistake! The smell from Perdie came right in the windows...and wow what a smell...and now I have to get THAT SMELL off my Perdie. Well, right away I go onto the internet and found the solution...1 quart of Peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 tsp. dishing washing liquid. So, we take our smelly dog into the bathroom, into the bathtub and I wash her down. The skunk only got her chin down her was all yellow. So, I scrubbed her clean.....she was all wet, dried her up, and we gated her in our laundry room downstairs. But the house, oh did it SMELL!!! So, my hubby got the carpet cleaner machine...did all the carpets including the stairs.....I washed down all the floors, washed down the bathroom so well...we got the candles going, cooked some cinnamon in the oven...on top of the stove a mixture of Cinnamon, cloves, water.....but now the smell is in our bedroom....we awoke from it several times. It's coming from the bathroom. In the middle of the night we opened all the windows...yes it was like 29 out....and when I finally woke up (or should I say got out of bed, I didn't SLEEP!) the smell was still in the bathroom. So, I baked a loaf of bread this morning....saute onions, made breakfast...trying to get the smell out. Right now all the windows in our bedroom are open...since that's were the smell is coming from. Perdie doesn't stink anymore...she's still down in the laundry room....she's very sad. I made an appointment for a bath today at 9am....they will take care of that problem....and just continue to let the house air out. Davey woke up this morning and said, "the house doesn't "schmell" anymore" and Becca said the same. Becca was so cute..she usually lets Perdie sleep with her in her bed...but not last night! So she got the sleeping bag out, and slept downstairs with her....what LOVE!

This is the way my hubby and I are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary....going to the store today...buying a new leash, new collar, skunk cleaner....and then coming home and washing all the clothes we had on last night...all the throw rugs...all the towels, you name it. I would say last night was one of the worse nights I have ever had....well not really....but it was really smelly!!!!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

So the chickens don't smell but the house does! Poor Liz, I would go crazy trying to get that smell out! I'm sure you'll figure it out...bake some fish!

Jen said...

Oh Liz! I hope today is as beautiful there as it is here so you can have a full day of open windows!

That same thing happened a few times to us when we lived there - well, not exactly, Donald didn't get skunked, but the smell drafted in through open windows. The smell went away, thankfully. You are doing everything you can possibly do to get it out of there, and it surely will!

What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary! Hey, as long as you're with your sweetie - that's what truly matters!

Happy 20th Anniversary!