Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Growing Celery.......So EASY!!!

I was on PInterest the other day, and found this really neat trick in growing Celery, in your own home. I love celery, I use it in many different recipes, soups, salads, or just eating it raw with a little salt.  Even our dog Perdie enjoys it.

 I tried growing Celery last year in our veggie garden, and the stalks grew, but were skinny, and very bitter in taste.  So this trick is a simple, CHEAP, and plain interesting.

The Stem or base of the Celery!
 Cut off the stem of the celery, and place it in a shallow bowl, with warm water, and watch it grow!

After a few weeks, I'll plant them in my garden, and HOPEFULLY I'll have Celery that we all can enjoy!  It's fun, and the kids are getting a kick out of the whole thing.

Celery planted in the garden, or in a container!

I tried this with Romain Lettuce, and look already just after a couple of days..........

Romain Lettuce! 
See the little green coming up....that wasn't there a couple of days ago! I'll plant this along with the Celery, and we'll see what I get.


Lianne said...

How's the lettuce growing? We are about to put ours in the water right now!

Liz said...

Hi, it's growing, but slowly, i bet they will grow faster in soil. My celery is growing FAST! need to post more pictures :)