Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chinese Chicken with Veggies...and Fried Rice!

Homemade Chinese Chicken with Veggies!
Well yet another MONSTER Storm is headed our way.  I don't understand, I've been living here in Northern, New Jersey now for 20 years, and years back the storms were never called, "Monster, or Super", just plain old snow storms.  I am hoping this storm passes us.  I feel Spring in the air, and really would love some warmer temps. I actually saw a Red Robin today!  My Mom said it's a sign that Spring is near!  

I have been experimenting with Chinese recipes now for the past couple of weeks.  This past Thursday I made an awesome dish.  Chinese Chicken and Veggies. It was so delicious! I made Fried Rice to go along with it, and everyone loved the meal.  A very easy recipe, a few pots and pans, and planning, but so well worth it.

Chinese Chicken with Veggies

4 Chicken Cutlets sliced in strips
1 Cup Broccoli florets
1/4 cup Snow Peas
1/2 Red Pepper sliced in strips
1 small onion sliced in strips

1/4 cup low sodium Soy Sauce
2 Tbs Sesame Oil
2 Tbs Rice Vinegar
1 Tbs freshly grated Ginger
2 tsp sugar
2 TBS chopped Green Onions

Whisk all the Marinade ingredients together and pour half of it over the sliced strips of chicken and marinate for 2 hours in the frig.  Reserve the rest of the marinade for cooking.

In a large skillet, on medium heat, add 2 Tbs of canola oil and saute the onions until done, add the rest of the veggies, and lightly saute them until just about done, but don't overcook!

Take the veggies out of the skillet and put them aside.  Turn the heat to med/high, add 2 more Tbs of canola oil to the skillet and brown the chicken strips until done, no longer pink, and cooked through.

Turn down the heat to med/low, add the veggies back to the skillet, add the reserved marinade to the chicken and veggies and stir constantly so nothing burns for about 3 minutes until everything is combined.  Now TASTE IT!  What does it need?  Probably nothing right since there is plenty of salt in the soy sauce.

Fried Rice

2 cups cooked Rice, I used Jasmine
2 large eggs
1 Tbs chopped green onion
1/4 cup frozen peas
3 - 4 splashes of low sodium Soy Sauce
2 Tbs butter

Cook up the rice. While the rice is cooking, in a large skillet add about 2 Tbs butter and melt.  Add the 2 eggs and scramble really well.  Turn off the heat and add the cooked rice, add the peas, and soy sauce.  Mix well, add the green onions for garnish.  Taste it....does it need more soy sauce?  YUMMO!

You can use whatever long grain Rice you want.  But Jasmine is really delicious. Also, you can add whatever you want to your Fried Rice.  This is the way my Mom use to make it for me when I was a kid, and it's so satisfying! 

Homemade Fried Rice!

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