Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's been a very long time......I'm BACK!

Hello everyone. Yes it's been such a long time. Can't explain why I've been away, I've been distant, yes I know it. But I'm trying to get it back, and I don't want any grief about the fact that I've been distant....just good old understanding :)

I don't know where to begin, all is going very well here at our house. Hubby is still working hard, Becca is in 8th grade now, her last year of middle school, unbelievable! Davey started kindergarten, at a christian school here, and absolutely LOVES it! I am relieved since he gave us a very hard time with preschool for the past 2 years! He goes 3 full days a week, and I am enjoying the time alone. I have been busy with "stuff", and enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in NJ. The leaves are all changing, and the weather is getting cooler, you know I love it!

So, I will only post a very short one this time around, but don't worry, I will make time to start posting pictures, and daily posts again. Thanks for all your prayers and understanding while I was "away".....I am truly blessed, the Lord has been so faithful to my family and me. I'll talk to you all again very soon.


A House FULL of Grace said...

So happy to have you back...and good ol' understanding extended!! Don't we all need it all the time?!? Love you and am so happy life is good at your house. Big, big hugs, my friend!!

p.s. Can't you stop those kids from growing?! I can't take it!!

Busy Mom in NJ said...

YEAH!! So glad you are back. No grief from me.. just happy to see you back online. Have a great weekend (and I'll see you soon!)

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