Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Cooking for Me Tonight....Yes, it's My Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday!  I woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground.  It was a wonderful Birthday gift from the Lord!  I don't really care for my birthday, it's awkward when you grow up and become a Mom...I enjoy giving and doing for everyone else, but my family loves on me so much, and I soak it all up. 

When my little boy, Davey woke up this morning,  his first words were, "Happy Birthday Mommy!"  I couldn't believe he remembered!  He's been so excited to give me his gifts and card for days, he made me something, I'll find out later on what it is. 

My Mom always made my birthday special when I was a little girl.  She would make my bed on this special day, and what a joy that was for me!  You see, when I was a little girl, I had to make my bed every single day....I know, right, what a chore!  No really, I'm glad my Mom instilled this chore.  To this day I never get in an unmade bed.  Just wish my daughter Rebecca would learn this chore!  A nice breakfast would be made in my honor, even though we were a busy family, and always on the go, she would make me something delicious! At dinnertime Mom would make my favorite meal, and over the years my favorite meal would changed, but I think I chose "Baked Ziti" a lot as my favorite., and a Birthday Cake, never store-bought, always homemade!  Thanks Mom!

So tonight, we won't go out, because it's busy, and my Hubby has to go to work.  We'll order in my favorite....Chinese Food, open presents, read homemade cards, which I LOVE, and have a piece of Birthday Cake, and NO, I didn't make the CAKE!  YUMMO!

Here's some pictures of my Birthday from last year....Enjoy!
The kids and ME!

Vera Bradley my favorite....sure hope I get another one today! :)


Somma Tribe said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy a great day with your family (yummy Chinese!). Wish I was there to bring you a cup of coffee and hug you in person. <3 Sara

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Hope you had a nice day yesterday and enjoyed the snow. It's all gone today, but it was nice to see it yesterday.

Never So Simple said...

I hope you had a great birthday. I remeber my mom always making my favorite meal on our birthday. I do the same for my girls now. Don't worry I have one who never makes her bed. Gotta love'm.