Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do My Kids Really Have to Grow Up?

Well today is Saturday, and I thought I would get up early, and post another blog before the kids get up. I don't have time for much lately. Those of you with kids understand what I'm saying. Becca is 11 now, and my time with her is limited since she's in school, and then has to rush home, and then "hang out" with her "friends". I remember hanging out with "friends" when I was only 13 or so....not 11. At least she's hanging out here in our yard, or pool, and not anywhere else. I miss those days when Becca would be by my side, doing stuff with me. We would go in the pool, and play "I spy", or just watch a movie, or go outside and play ball with Daddy. She was the joy of my life back she is still the joy of my life, but sometimes a big pain in the butt, if I can say such a terrible thing about my little girl. She is changing, getting so tall, beautiful, and with some attitude. I don't like going into the teenage years with her. I know all will be well, if I continue to do what I'm doing, praying over her, and watching her like a hawk, making sure everything is appropriate, reading her old text messages, going through her drawers, reading those little notes from her friends, going through her notebooks, and of course her purse - I do this all behind her back....otherwise she would be so upset with me.....keep it in the vault, please. I know you all think I'm awful....but this is what we have to do, just to make sure our children aren't getting into trouble, and not doing those awful things we can only hope they never will do. The good thing is, Becca tells me everything. She tells me what boy she likes, yes, she is starting to like boys!!! She tells me when something is wrong, or she did something wrong. This is GOOD!!! This is the reason why we planned for me to stay home. Yes, our kids need us when they are little, but then they grow up, and guess what, those teenagers really NEED US!!! I believe the most important age to be there for your kids is when they are teenagers! When they come home from school, they can get into so much trouble if mom or dad aren't home. Know your kids friends, who they hang out with...invite those kids into your home. I want my kids here where I can watch them, and be involved....believe me, I give Becca space, but I'm always close by to check and see if all is ok. Anyway, enough about that!

Davey on other hand won't leave me alone. I know, I know enjoy it all now. Believe me I do. My little boy is so full of life, he is such a BOY!!! He loves playing with me in the pool, helps me water at night. Loves putting his Batman or Spiderman outfit on, and runs around saving people.....and just loves running after the bunnies, turtles, or snakes in our yard....yep, we have all that here!!!! Last night we had 2 turtles in our yard...then we saw a snake. The kids were so excited. Becca was afraid the snake would eat the turtle...could that happen with its hard shell? Not sure...but she was so protective over the turtles. Becca wants to be a vet when she's older. We encourage her! She is in high math now for the past 4 years - believe me, I can't help her with math anymore! She's been on the high honor roll now this whole year at school. She really enjoys school and her classes....she loves animals, we use to call her "Dora the Explorer!" I still love seeing that little child in her caring over animals, like last night with the turtles. I know the Lord will bless Becca, and she will grow into a lovely young lady - it will happen very soon, life goes past us so fast. Pray for your kids everyday. Our Lord hears our crys and prayers. He will bless Becca and Davey, and He will bless your children as well.....and calm my mothering heart!


Anonymous said...

Liz: You and Dave are doing an awesome job and you have GREAT kids. I can't wait to get together more often once I'm in NJ!! Beth

Colarusso Family said...

Run cute little turtle, Run!!
Get away,mean snake!

Dave said...

Liz you are a great mother and a great wife. We (you) are doing an awesome job.