Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm back - remember me?

Ok, so I haven't been writing much. So sorry, but you all have to remember I am a mother, with a very busy life here. Today is the first day of Spring Recess, yippee!!! I got to sleep in a little.....and I didn't have to run around the house getting the kids up, and ready for school...what a joy my morning has been already! My hubby had to work today, day work that is.....he left by 4am, and won't be home until very much later in the day. I'm very happy to have the day off, and not run anywhere. My hubby hit a deer the other night while going to work. His car was damaged! Hubby is fine, thank God, but his car isn't usable now, and guess what...he's taking MY SUV (aka the gas guzzler) to work now....and I'm stuck with no car. It's fine really, could use the time at home getting stuff done. Hopefully hubby's car will be fixed by next week......or so. Going back many years ago, I never had a car. Back when Becca was born, we only had one car. It was hard, not getting to go here and there. But now that I think about it, not having a car was really ok. I would NEVER want to go back without a car. I think with having my own car, I tend to spend more money, and I am busier. Back then stuff in the house got done faster, the house was always cleaner...the laundry was always done....not like today, piling up! But I'm thankful for my gas guzzler.....the price of gas is crazy.....what are we all going to do????

Anyway, I changed my clothes around from winter to spring/summer. What a job....I didn't just do mine, hubby's and the kids, too - I do enjoy my winter clothes much better than summer. Covers me up more, I love wearing jeans, and sweaters! So now when the weather gets warmer, it will be Capri's and tee's for me.....don't really wear shorts out of the house......your not missing much! HA!!!

So, the weather here has been beautiful for the past couple of days. The kids loved playing outside, and we cleaned up the yard....the grass looks awful. So many bald my hubby reseeded some spots, and put hay we have hay everywhere....can be very frustrating for me... I just raked all the leaves and now there's hay everywhere. But, I'm just not letting it get to me - see how long that lasts!

What about American Idol.....I still love David Cook...he was so good this week. I think the other "Cook" girl needed to go - and I'm glad she did. Honestly, I do think this years Idol is boring......the only interesting person is David Cook! He'll win, I know it.

So, our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) is coming to an end. I will miss it so. We end for summer, and start up again in the fall. We had a beautiful MOPPETS (people who take care of our kids at MOPS) luncheon this past Friday - we wanted to say how much we appreciated the care-givers of our kids. So much food, but it was so nice......heartwarming. I'm starting a new adventure at MOPS - I will be the coordinator of the MOPPETS - it will be a challenging new area in my life....I'm excited - I think!

I really need to run and get started with my's 9am already, and I haven't even had breakfast...I'm starving! I hope to talk to you all later in the week...thanks for reading my blog. Till next time....Liz

p.s. No mice lately......hopefully they're gone for good? Pongo's been sleeping with me - that's a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Liz - as far as the price of gasoline goes, you point out something with serious geo-political and geo-economic implications. The price of gasoline is affected by the supply and demand. This is further affected by a number of factors. First, there is India an China as they continue to industrialize. Over the next few decades, as they soak up more and more petroleum, it will continue to squeeze the supply and the price will continue to go up. The other problem with huge implications is that we have only recently ("we" meaning state and local governments across the United States) granted permits to build more refineries. The lack of refineries in the United States had created a choke point which again puts upward pressure on the price of gasoline. Think of putting a cup of flour into a funnel and tapping into a bowl. Takes forever, right? That's what happens when a nation doesn't have enough refineries to get the oil through. What is the answer? Ask a million people, and you will get a million answers. Market forces have a way of creating work-rounds even when contfronted with the most instrusive regulations. At some point someone much smarter then me will figure out a cheap way to de-salinate sea water and extract the hydrogen from it. (Remeber, hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth and burns clean). Ok, that's enough our of me.

Anonymous said...

I meant that enough OUT of me. I really needed to spell check that but I got lazy. My bad. Do you have an edit option on this? LOL.

Anonymous said...

OK, THAT'S enough out of me. Obviously I'm having syntax issues as well today.

Liz said...

Ok Phil - I get it!!! Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully I didn't bore you! Liz

Liz said...

Phil, so you like the midwest? You're at the birthplace of my children, you know......I loved KS, and MO, boring, but cheaper living. p.s. I know you're an American Idol closet watcher - go David Cook, right Phil? Liz