Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My life today - not very interesting

Hi, just want to introduce myself, I'm Liz! I am the wife of David, and mom to Rebecca who is 11, and Davey who is now 4. My life here is busy - but a really nice life. We've been married going on 20 years. Wow, can't believe that! I married my youth group sweetheart in 1988 - I was 22 and David was 23 - so I'm not that old, and I do look younger, so people tell me, I guess....Our children came later on - Rebecca is a terrific, beautiful preteen -my hubby and I say she's a "happy go-lucky" kid. She started middle school in Sept, and just loves it - she was so excited about starting middle school, she would have her own locker now and switch classes - oh boy!!! I, on the other hand was a nervous wreck, and honestly still am - any mothers out there understand what I'm saying??? She is doing great there, and has made the High Honor Roll now for the second time, with all A's!!! Davey is a little boy who is full of so much energy. He is such a darling little boy, always running, talking, and doing his "thing" - he loves to dress up into his action hero stuff - play with all his toys, drive his "gator". He is always laughing, he is so full of life. He is such a delight and always keeps us laughing.
I love being a wife and mom. I love being home, doing all the domestic stuff us moms do. I love to cook and bake, garden and just keep house. I've been doing it now almost 20 years, so I really think I'm good at it - ha!
So check in and learn a little something about me. My life isn't very interesting, just normal. A lot goes on everyday, some can be interesting and exciting, and some can be boring - like today - it was pretty boring - and I really didn't get much done. My hubby is home on Monday and Tuesdays, and yep today he was home. I don't get much stuff done when David is home. We go shopping or run errands mostly. Rebecca went to school, and Davey had preschool, so I did the wakeups, took the dog out, fed the cat, cooked breakfast, (yes I cooked them all breakfast!!!) and then did the carpooling. I then came home and tried to get stuff done, but I had to make some phone calls. My hubby actually finished the vacuuming for me, which I just loved. We have a dog Perdie, and I MUST vacuum daily - she shreds. Then I had to do the carpooling thing again, and pick up Davey and his little friend. Came home by 12pm and made us all lunch. I made this faux crab cakes using can tuna fish - they are so delicious - I will post that recipe soon. I started dinner, roasted chicken breasts with orzo, carrots and zucchini saute with onions...very delicious - I cook a big meal every night, and they all look forward to it. But tonight the chicken was dry, and Rebecca agreed!!!! Had to pick Rebecca up from school (no she doesn't do the bus, never has - I know I have this control thing) and then the madness begins. The hours between 3:30p and 7pm can be the craziest time during the day for me, with homework, and dinner, and my hubby leaving for work, don't call me around that time...and I think everyone knows it!
Like I said, because of my hubby's work schedule, we eat early - 4:30p - we are so use to it, and it's fine - I get it all done early. Today the kids played outside which was really delightful for me...but my little boy kept coming in......"mommy, I need you" he always needs me, but it's fine, cause one day he won't need me at all!!!! pooh hoo!!!!! I'm going through that now too, how many years I have with the kids until they leave......so sad!!!
Honestly I could go on and on about my day, but I'm exhausted just telling you all about it. I did get to watch American Idol, which I just love - who do you want to win? I do enjoy David Cook, but I really didn't like his song tonight. I don't think he'll be voted out though. I'm a big fan of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and now the new show, Real Housewives of NYC - love it. I'm originally from NYC!!!!! I love reality tv......who cares about that writers strike, actually still wish it was going on.........
Ok, better close. Hope to hear from you all soon.


Jen said...

HI LIZ!!!!! Looking forward to reading your blog!

Mom & Dad said...

Hi Liz,

We enjoyed reading your blog. You surely are busy all the time. It will be worth it all in the long run. However do not forget to pray.


Anna said...

Hi Liz,
You go girl! I loved reading your blog. You're the best! I know you will bless others - just like you have me!!! Love you, Anna

Anonymous said...

Get back to work.

- Your brother-in-law, "The Colonel"

Liz said...

My brother-in-law is ArmyDad - he may sound like he doesn't love me, but he really does - Right Phil????

Anonymous said...

Liz, I can not imagine any brother-in-law doing better than I. ;-)

Liz said...

So true Phil - so you like my blog? Liz