Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So you liked my blog. The "One Eyed Man" - My MOPS retreat

Hi - well I have had only positive feedback about my new blog. I was really anxious to hear if you all thought I was weird or vain about writing about MY LIFE!!! My brother would love to hear that I have a blog about my life...he always said "it's all about you Liz!". But this is not the case. I'm doing it to journal my life as a wife and mom. I've waited a long time to have children. It took us 8 years to finally have Rebecca and then another 7 to finally be complete with Davey. We are so thankful to our Lord for our children. Yes I'm normal, I do get stressed out with them. Davey has always been so clingy......when he was a newborn, he would fuss all day long. Keeping me up for hours on end at night. My hubby always worked the nightshift, so it was hard on me.......but I got through it. I remember the summer Davey came, I put him down for his afternoon nap, go out to the pool with Rebecca, with the baby monitor in hand, and sit there until it was the right time to step into the pool. Davey would finally go to sleep and I tell you, the moment I stepped foot into the pool, that monitor would be shaking from Davey's happened all the time. Now look at Davey, a wonderful little boy, full of so much life and energy. He still wakes up at night "wanting mommy" but now I learned to call out from my bed to him "it's ok, go back to sleep, everything is fine" he has those nightmares now....very scary. He woke up last week with one. It was about the "one eyed man". Davey was so frightened with this dream, that he told me it was a "very long dream, with this one eyed man". He would then show me and close his one eye -- "the one eyed man" he was so sweet! Yes funny, but when it was happening, it was very scary. I pray over Davey every night so he wouldn't have those terrible dreams. So far it's been ok.

Anyway, I went to my friend Beth's house this morning for coffee. My friend Christine came too. I'm just getting to know Christine (my email buddy) I've known her for about 3 years, but never really got to know her. I know her now! We laughed and laughed....seems like when I get together with Christine all we do is talk and laugh....she was my roomate at our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) retreat this past weekend. What a time we had! It was my first retreat with my MOPS group, and I really was looking for a time away, with good food (I'm on a diet and wanted to cheat - don't we all) and fellowship. The fellowship with the other moms was wonderful...I love my MOPS group, and our church. The retreat center was no "retreat" the rooms were awful, sorry Jen K. - and it was like a step below camping. I think Christine and I had the worse room of all. Our bathroom toilet didn't even flush, and our bathtub was full of DEAD FLIES and no cold water - plenty of hot, almost burned Christine when she was attempting to shower. There were lady bugs everywhere, ok so you say only lady bugs? But they were flying over our heads, and landing everywhere, there were probably some in my hair who knows. I didn't shower, which is very rare for me. I shower everyday, without fail...I have to wash and blowdry my hair, and just smell like Dove Soap EVERYDAY!! But that day I didn't even attempt to get in that shower. Christine showered she had to use Cindy and Marylou's shower. Christine and I laughed the whole night. We stayed up until 2:30am, while all the other moms went to bed (party poopers!) Anyway, the devotional times and games we played were so much fun.......I had a blast! Thanks Jen for all the hard work, and for the fun times. And thanks Christine for the laughs and your friendship!

Until next time.......Liz


Dave s said...

great story. Your hubby

. said...

he is so sweet! I love your blog! It's very therapeutic, isn't it? I love the colors you picked! this is so much fun!Danielle

Liz said...

Thank you all for your inspiring comments - I do have such great friends and family! Liz