Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm A Blonde again - American Idol

I got my hair colored today....finally. The gray was so bad. I usually get my hair colored brown, and then get the blond highlights using the cap about every 3 months or does come out nice. But this time, the gray came in way too much. So, my friend Donna came over, (she does my hair really good and professional) and we made a nice morning of it. I made lunch for us....bacon and cheese quiche with my oriental salad. Donna brought fruit, since I'm dieting....going well, I might add. So the morning went well. Davey played so nice, but he had to show Donna every toy he owned......Donna loves Davey, knew him ever since he was a tiny baby. Our girls play together all the time, she's a great friend. So, the hair came out good......a little bright, but hey you have to go brighter when you get older - so I've heard - and I'm getting older. Davey got a haircut - he looks so cute... my "little man".

Pongo (the cat) slept with me last night, so no dead mice around, thank God!!! I was worried about it. Wasn't it a shocker who got voted out from American Idol? Didn't he look like he was in total shock? I was sorry for the guy, but really didn't care for him, can't even remember his name. Rebecca knows all the names, first and last. I only know who I like, David Cook, and he better pick a better song next week.....And they all sang "Shout to the Lord!" Wasn't that awesome! Well, it was inspirational week anyway....that's why they picked that song. Made me emotional....I do love that song.

Not much going on for this weekend which is fine with me - sometimes we just need time to sit and vegg....last weekend it was too busy - maybe I'll post some recipes. Until next time....Liz

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Walking on Sunshine said...

Okay, Blondie, where are you???
Your sis...