Friday, December 5, 2008

Decorating for Christmas.......

Greetings to everyone. I hope you all starting decorating for Christmas. I am happy to say that we are just about done! It does take about a week to decorate the house and outside. I went and got fresh evergreen wreaths this year. I put one on our lamp post and another one between the garage doors. I have a beautiful wreath already on our front door. So, yesterday I finished decorating, and I am relieved....what a job! Davey was such a big help this year. He wanted to decorate the tree all by himself. I let him put the ornaments on, but he only decorated the bottom of the tree, and I couldn't keep it like that. So, I moved them around when he wasn't looking. He was very excited when the boxes came out, on the other hand, Becca could care less...oh well.

Our tree is all decorated mostly with handmade ornaments and store bought ornaments as well. I do love the handmade ones, especially from my kids. Some people put the handmade ones in the back of the tree, not me!!! Most of them were made by Becca. Davey did a couple, remember he's only 4. This year Davey is really into crafting, and he really wants to add his own creations to our tree. So, we went to the craft store and bought some stuff to craft with....he is so excited...I hope I will be too :)

Here is one of the many ornaments Becca has made for our Christmas tree. She was 5 years old, and I found this great idea in a magazine. You just put the candy canes backwards, and then glue a picture in the middle, cover the back with construction paper, and put a hanger on it. It cracked a couple of years ago, but I just glued it back together. This year Davey is so excited to help! He has helped in the past, but always got bored and left his craft half-done. I know this year he will finish it!

And here is a picture of our Christmas as of today.......looks like the top is leaning a bit.

So, I do feel like I'm in the Christmas will be another bittersweet holiday this year without Dad. My first Christmas without my dad. Mom and Dad always came over to see my tree and decorations right after I was finally finished. They didn't come this time. Dad always bought me a fresh evergreen wreath to hang on our front door.....I was always so happy to get one. This year I bought one myself. Mom probably won't get to come this year to see it all. I usually make Mom and Dad a dinner leading to use up the free ham I would always get from the grocery store. This year that won't happen. I surely will miss those traditions.

Now, if it would only snow........I love snow. Happy decorating.


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice decorations. Michael still decorates the tree and I still take things off and move them around, without him knowing! It'll be very sad without dad, but he would want us to celebrate as we always did! Glad to see you got the picture to work!

Blessings and Joy said...

Your tree looks beautiful, Liz. Thanks to the inspiration from you and Lois, we have been crafting ornaments like crazy around here. I love the candy cane idea, but my little ones would just pull it off and eat it:-)! I know it will be sad without your dad. Thanks for sharing your special memories.