Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all my friends out there in "blogworld". This year has been such a blessing connecting with you all......some old friends, and some new. I am so grateful for the opportunity to blog. It has really helped me get my feelings and words down. It's my daily/weekly journal.
We are all set for Christmas. I am so relieved to say. Christmas Eve is here. We have quiet plans tonight. I made a bunch of appetizers for my family, and we ate early. Then we'll get ready and head over to our church for our candlelight service. It's all so festive, and wonderful. And I'm looking forward to seeing our friends at church on Christmas Eve.
Then we'll come home, get little Davey to bed, and watch one of our favorite movies...."It's a Wonderful Life".......haven't seen it in a while, so I hope it will be like new to me....and Becca hasn't seen it yet, so she'll just LOVE it. My hubby will make me a cappuccino, so I'll stay awake, and we'll eat some homemade cookies that we made, and just relax!
Then when Becca goes to bed, Hubby and I will creep down into the garage and get all the presents, (a lot this year) and we'll put them all under the tree. It's all so exciting, and each year we keeping this tradition. Then we'll take pictures and go to bed ourselves. Usually on Christmas Eve I can't sleep...the excitement is in the air for me.
We'll wake up early, like 6:30, since I want to be up before Davey, and we'll probably start unwrapping the presents around 7am or so. I have special sticky buns to bake, and we'll have eggs to go with them, a nice big breakfast, since we probably won't eat until 2ish. My hubby bought me special coffee from Duncan Donuts, which I love, and we'll brew it, and drink it while we're unwrapping the gifts, another tradition we've kept over the years.
Then we'll have our breakfast, and start getting ready to travel to my brother's house....but first we're going to visit Dad at the cemetery. This will be the first year without Dad for Christmas. It will be another bitter-sweet holiday for us. Dad loved Christmas so much. I have many Christmas memories.......our parents always tried to make it so special for us. And I want to do the same for our children.
Again, Merry Christmas......may all your Christmas dreams come true....and let's all remember, it's fun to pretend about Santa and all that fun stuff. But let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas....our Saviour's birth. Thank you Lord Jesus for coming to earth as a baby, and then dying on the cross for me!

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Sara said...

I hope you enjoyed your coffee. Your hubby is a GOOD man! I know this Christmas was a hard one without your dad. We love you and miss you lots!