Monday, July 14, 2008

A Wonderful Day - but it didn't start that way!

We had such a wonderful day yesterday here at home. We had our Shepherding group over....15 adults, 19 children!!! Yes, it was a big crowd. Now, I was a worry wort about having them over. Yes, I agreed to host our Shepherding group months ago, but didn't realize all the people who would come - thinking most of them would be away on vacation. So, all week long I was stressing myself out. I didn't really have much to do, everyone was bringing food, my hubby and I did the hamburgers, hotdogs (thanks hubby - my master barbeque man) rolls, fixin's, and then I made a orzo pasta salad, and a yummie (I might add) homemade mac and cheese - so cheesy it was delicious!!!! We had so much food, but hey, you gotta have a lot of food for all those people!!! We had a blast! I love our Shepherding group. We are a close knit of friends, and we all get along so well, and we share about the Lord, and spend a time in prayer....not to mention all the kids love playing together. Hubby and I have been in this group for only 1 year.....but they have all shown us such love - I feel like they are all a part of my family. Anyway, with the preparation on Sat, it went really well...the grass was mowed, weeded, and everything looked so pretty. We got a pop-up tent for the kids, put it down off the deck for the kids to eat under. So everything on Saturday went really well, and I even got some time in the pool with my family. We went to bed early, because we all would have to wake up early for early service at church......then I heard it, the cry from Davey...."Mommy, my room is dark!!!" What? Why is the whole house dark? Yes it was nighttime, but we always have a nite-lite on in Davey's room.....yes, you guessed it, the power was out! Now living here, in this town, the power seems to go out all the time. The last power outage was in February, and it was a good reason, an ice storm...and it went back on only after a couple of hours, but tonight nothing, no storm, no wind. So, my worse fear - the power was out, and we're having like 35 people here in several hours. So, I prayed and asked the Lord to help my anxiety - and then immediately called the customer service of our electric company to inform them....they said it was a "small outage" since hardly anyone was calling...yeah right!!! Couldn't sleep the house was way too warm. Went into the living room opened all the windows and lay on the sofa - listening for the crew to come. Didn't hear anything. So I just lay there, praying and worrying about my "tomorrow". What happened was a underground cable broke, and a crew had to come and dig up the ground and then fix the cable - yep, a long job ahead of them. So, by 5am still no electric. Now this has happend 4 times already....seems like all our underground cables are in bad shape, and over the past 4 years, a cable has would think they would fix the problem, but no!!! So, at 5am I couldn't take it any longer, I got dressed, got in the car and drove down the block where the men were working, and pleaded with them to hurry and fix the problem and that at 12:30 I'm having 35 people over for a party......I guess I should have brought them coffee and donuts, but that would have slowed them down. They understood, and said they are working on it, they were very nice. So, I went back home, all peeved and upset, worrying my heart crazy....tried to sleep but couldn't, prayed for the Lord to calm my fears, and my heart. At 7am I decided to call my friend Cindy, the leader of our Shepherding group, to ask if we could have the party at her house, if the power doesn't go back on by 12pm or so.....wouldn't you know, but right then when I was talking to her, the power goes back on!!!! What a relief!!! We jump in the shower, I then vacuum all the dog hair up, we prepare more for the day, I water my flowers outside, get the kids up, get ready, run out the door for Sunday School. So all in all everything worked out terrific...a good time was had by all. And the Lord answered my prayer about the power.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer, and allowing the power to go back on, so our Shepherding group could enjoy a day to share the good things You have done for us....and for our time in prayer and sharing Your loving, caring awesome power - and taking care of "my tomorrows"!!!


Colarusso Family said...

You see?
Glad you had such a good time. I almost called you at around 5:00 last night, but I figured you'd be having way too much fun!! :)

Jen said...

We used to lose our power all the time when we lived there - probably the same power company! Can you believe in the over 1.5 years we've been here, we've never lost our power! Wait, take that back, it did blink off last week. But all of our power lines are buried - maybe that helps! Anyway, thank God He took care of your details!

We were in that Shep. Group before we moved. From what Cindy says though its a lot of different folks from when we were there - sounds like you had a good time! God bless!

Dave said...

Lizzy, we did have a great time on Sunday. Everything went well. The food was excellent as always. I was a liitle concerned about the power. No as much as you. God is alive and he hears our prayers. If only those people would leave before 9:30 pm. I quess they all were having to good of a time and wanted to stay. That okay!!! I had a good time too. Me

Jen said...

Liz: I just put this comment on my blog directed to you though!

Okay Liz! Give us some Titus 2 ("older" as in you have an 11 year old and are ahead of me in this child rearing game - I don't mean by years!!!) advice on the planning and timing! It would be very timely for me right now!


Jen said...

Oops, meant to add - maybe write an article on your blog that I could link to - I know quite a few mommies that read my blog that would greatly benefit from your advice!