Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enjoy the Rest of Winter....I am!

It's been a busy week for me. Becca is doing so much better. Thank you all for your prayers. Just seems like life goes so fast before our eyes...I wish it would slow down for a little. We're suppose to get more snow this Tuesday. The forecasters are saying "blizzard conditions" WOO HOO!!! You all know I enjoy the snow. I don't want to rush this winter.....remember when Spring comes, we all have to get outside and clean up the yard, open the pool, and start planting our much work. So just enjoy the rest of winter.....I sure will. Don't get me wrong, I love working in the yard, but NOT NOW!!!! So curl up by the fire with your honey, and enjoy the rest of Winter.

So, we're going roller skating today with the family. Becca has been "seeing" this boy Austin from school. They see each other in school, and he's been here a couple of times just hanging out. He's very nice, and comes from a good family. I haven't been roller skating for YEARS!!! When I was a teenager we would go roller skating once a month with our church youth group. It was so much fun, and all the teenagers went. We left at 6:30 in the evening, traveled out to Long Island, and got home by 11:15pm!!! Wow, I'm surprised our parents let us go....but it a church activity, and they were all fun!

I probably won't skate today. I still have the "problem" with my foot, and it does hurt much! But it will be fun watching Becca and her "little" boyfriend skate....and of course my little boy Davey, and Hubby go around. It will be nice for me to get to sit a little too.....after such a very busy week.

So tomorrow is Superbowl! My hubby loves the Superbowl. Every year I would make it special for him, and make his/mine favorite treats and watch it together. This year for the second year in a row, we'll be enjoying the Superbowl with our Shepherding group from church. It will be fun! I'm making sloppy joes, and my homemade Mac & Cheese, (I posted that recipe a while ago, it's really delicious), everyone is bringing something. The sloppy joes are my Mom's recipe. The best EVER!!! I'll post them when I get some time. So, enjoy your Superbowl Sunday.....and don't forget to get to church first.


Debbie said...

I haven't been skating since my youth group days. So many memories. We are also looking forward to the Superbowl. Our chuch gruops are having class parties. After Church of course. Hopefully this next week I will get to curl up by the fire and watch it snow. Yeah!!!
Have a blessed week!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow, roller skating! Did you join in? Did you and Dave do the couple thing? Remember that? Or, the Ladies Only? That was fun. We're going to a superbowl party tonight as well. Should be fun. Enjoy!!!

Blessings and Joy said...

Roller skating, does Becca have a boyfriend?!?!? In my memory, she's still 6!!! :-)

Liz said...

HA!!!! She doesn't really have "boyfriend" just a special friend......she's 12 and looks 16, really! So sad that she's growing up so fast....hurts my SOUL!