Saturday, January 17, 2009

She loves me! She really does love me!

This is a picture of Becca on Halloween....cute, huh? She was a "fortune teller" I know, I know, don't start condeming me, please..... Well, I have something so sweet to share with you all. My daughter Becca has been working on this project for school. I haven't seen it, since she said it's a project to be worked on during school hours. So, I really never payed any mind to it. The project is due this coming Tuesday, and Becca brought it home to finish it up on our computer. She wanted me to read it this morning, something she NEVER asks me to do these days.....fearing I made correct something, and she's knows everything, and I know nothing....ugh!

This project is an "ABC" book, and she got to pick the theme. The theme is on "cooking" and anything to do with food. I thought it was really cool that she picked something to do with "food"....since she knows I love food, and anything to do with cooking. So, she showed me the book on the computer, and I was so impressed with it. She did it on her own, no help from Mom or Dad......which is the start of something new here. Everything from A-Z about was really cool, and she included pictures too.

Then I get to the very last's a "dedication page"......and guess who she dedicated this book to? Yes, you're right, she dedicated her wonderful "ABC Cooking book" to me, her MOM!!!! Do you know how that made me feel? She really does understand me, she knows that cooking, and cookbooks, and recipes, and cooking shows, are a great passion in my life. I just can't tell you how great that made me feel.

This is some of what Becca wrote about "The Author."

"About the Author
Rebecca Somma was born in Missouri. She came to New Jersey when she was just three weeks old. Rebecca lives in New Jersey with her parents, David and Liz, and her younger brother David. She has a dog, a cat, two fish, and six chickens. Rebecca’s mother loves to talk about foods, and recipes. She also loves to cook food; in fact she cooks Rebecca’s family breakfast and dinner every day. Rebecca gets a lot of information about food, recipes, and utensils from her mother.

This is what Becca wrote on her "dedication page."

"Dedication Page"
I dedicate this book to my mother. She is always there for me. She cooks for me when I am in need of food. She cares for me when I am sick. And, boy does she make great food.

Isn't that SWEET? Enjoy....


Karishma said...

hi, i stumbled upon your blog by hitting the "next blog" button on mine!

you have a beautiful daughter and what a grand gesture.. dedicating her cookbook to her mom..

ive always been a big fan of my mom's food.. heck, the entire world is a fan of her food.. i live many thousand miles away from my mom but every year when she visits, she stocks my freezer with her goodness :)

your post made me think back to when i was rebecca's age and the difficult relationship i shared with my mother. your statement "she really does understand me" moved me and brought me to tears.. i wish i hadn't wasted most of my adolescent years being angry and resentful.. but im grateful that mom and i share an honest, open and beautiful relationship today..

thank you for posting about your daughter.. there is something absolutely special and endearing about mother-daughter relationships.. :)

Sara said...

My dear, Liz, the proof is in the pudding (food pun intended!). Your daughter loves you and respects you in volumes. She's caught between the world of wanting to be mature and grown and yet she still desprately needs you to "cook for her and care for her when she's sick." Mothers don't often win the popularity prize, but you are impacting your daughter in ways that are far more important than the here and now. Love you!
P.S. How cool that you are MINISTERING to a stranger through the honesty of your post. And you think you're "unspiritual." You dear, dear friend! Hugs...

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very sweet!

the voice of melody said...

What a sweet thing to say! I can understand how wonderful it has made you feel. :)

The Crazy Bus said...

That is so sweet! That was really nice, thanks for sharing it!

Debbie said...

Great story! It made me think of my relationship with my mom. I didn't understand her until I had the girls.

Do you ever think I know she loves me but does she really like me? And then they do something wonderful like this and you know. It made me cry.

Thanks for sharing!