Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh how I love snow!

So, it's suppose to snow tomorrow here in New Jersey. I'm excited, but we did have plans to go to our friends house tomorrow night for dinner. They just called and cancelled. I'm bummed about it, but it's OK, cause since we live in the boonies, I really don't like to travel in the snow, even though we have a SUV.....still, I don't like traveling in the deep snow, and yes, it's suppose to snow like 10 inches here tomorrow! We moved from NYC 15 years ago. I love the country, and would never move back to the city. The first year living here, it snowed a lot! I didn't really care for the snow back then, but now I'm really learning to enjoy it. I think it's because we have a big snow blower now! Back then I had to do all the shoveling, since my Hubby would work nights, and I would go out and do it all before he came home.....or sometimes he just couldn't make it home. We were "snowed in" a lot back then. We lived in a lake community, and it was hard to get out when it really snowed. Now we live 5 minutes from town, and I do like it much better.

So, many of you left me comments about my previous post about my sweet daughter Becca. Thank you all for all your encouraging words. Yes, she is a blessing and miracle from the Lord, and she is a good kid, really. All I need is to be consistent with her, and I really think life will be better. You see, I'm hardly consistent in anything I do, except keep my house clean, keep up with the laundry, cook every night, be a great mom, and great wife. Actually I'm amazed that I lost 25lbs, and actually kept it off for almost 1 year now! I am awful with diets, always loose but then gain it all back after a couple of months. So, I'm pretty proud of myself for being consistent with that, at least. Oh, it has been so hard keeping it I just want a good piece of cake, chocolate cake, and then some delicious chips, and I mean the WHOLE BAG OF CHIPS!!!! Another post I guess...get to the point already..........get serious again, me serious, ha!

I know these days will past, and I will look back on it all and laugh....will I really laugh? Hopefully yes. Becca came home from school and we talked, and she agreed to be a better daughter, kinder, and more loving...and I agreed too, after punishing her for the night.....ok, all I did was take away her cell phone and ipod.....HARSH I know! And that I will be more kinder, and more understanding....yeah right, I've been so understanding for the last 12 years, that's why I'm in this MESS! I really will do my best at this....I promise.

Anyway....back to the snow....... if you live here in the Northeast, enjoy the snow tomorrow. I sure will, and I know the kids will too. I'm happy tomorrow is Saturday, so Hubby won't have to travel in it, hey, maybe church will even be cancelled???? NEVER! Later my friends.


coloradohurricane said...

Randomly browsed to your post about snow and it inspired me to write about snow... You can find my snow story on my blog.

Sara said...

Hey there. I'm so happy you're getting more snow. Our 20 inches of snow has melted and all we have gotten since is rain, rain, rain. The whole state seems to be flooding! Thankfully, we enjoy our water view from ON TOP of the hill, but oh what a mess. Enjoy!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I remember those snow storms in Lake Wallkill. I remember putting Olivia down to sleep and then spending the next 3 hours shoveling snow so Phil could get the car in. Hate shoveling! Hopefully all will go well with Becca or we'll soon see her listening to a Walkman if she doesn't shape up and get her IPOD back.

Sara said...

Forget the walkman -- how 'bout an 8-track...that'll get her whipped in to shape in no time! Righteous Brothers, Baby!

The Crazy Bus said...

Save some chips for me!! :)