Friday, June 29, 2012

Counting Down to July 4th......Cole Slaw!

Baby it's HOT outside!  It's 97 degrees, and it's a scorcher today.  We were outside in the pool, and yes it was refreshing, but it's just too hot! 

I am counting down to July 4th.  We have a big July 4th celebration almost every year, and it's usually at our house, since we have the pool.  I enjoy having my family over, we always have a good time, the food is always great, and everyone always helps with it. 

Cole Slaw, I just love it, and it's a big Summertime food, especially for BBQ's and picnics.  I've been making Cole Slaw for years, but just a couple weeks ago, I made this most delicious Cole Slaw, came up with the recipe all on my own, yeah, I do that a lot......and it came out so good, my hubby loved it. 

What are you cooking for July 4th?  Are you hosting this special Summer holiday?  Enjoy this holiday, invite your family, and friends over for a bbq, try some new recipes, make an ice cream cake, or a flag cake.  When you get the hang of it, entertaining the people you love is very simple, so go for it!

Cole Slaw

1/2 head of regular cabbage, slice thin in little strips
2 whole carrots shreddred or 1 cup of shedded carrots
1 green onion chopped small
Head of Cabbage!

Or you can buy the bagged Cole Slaw mix, but honestly, I feel it gets too mushy, so I buy a whole head of cabbage, it's cheaper! Chop up 1/2 head of cabbage for this cole slaw. Cut up the cabbage, into thin little strips, shred the carrots on a box grater, or better yet buy a bag of shredded carrots, but you only need 1 cup of carrots.  Chop up the green onion.  Put it all in a very big bowl.

The dressing

3/4 cup of Mayo
1/2 cup whole milk
2 tsp. spicy brown mustard
1 TBS sugar (I use Splenda)
3 tsp. apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp. black pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, and whisk until all blended.  Now taste it, what does it need, more sugar, more vinegar?  It's all up to you and your taste buds!

Pour the dressing over the cabbage slaw and mix really well, taste it again making sure it's right.  Refrigerate for one hour or overnight.  I always make this the day before!  YUMMO!

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