Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little about me.......and some pictures too.

Well, we've been cooking together now for a couple of weeks, and I really enjoy sharing my recipes with you all.  So today I thought I would share some of my life with you.
I've been married going on 23 years. I met my husband David so many years ago, we grew up together in our church, we actually played in play pins together when we were babies, and then became very good friends in our church youth group.  I was never interested in him, but one day he took a liking to me, and then we started dating, and never looked back.  We got married in 1988, it's been a long time, and David was my best friend many years ago, and today I can say he still is my very best friend.

We've been blessed with 2 kids, it took a while for them to finally come, the Lord had other plans for us, but it was in His perfect timing, and we are so blessed.  Rebecca is 15, a sophomore in high school, she is a joy, but on some days, I want to pull my hair out.  She's very bright, and loves animals, she wants to be a vet one day.  Davey is 7, started 2nd grade, can't believe it.  He is full of life, and a real boy who never stops, and brings me such joy as well.

Becca and Davey they do love each other!
My crazy kids at the beach!
 We live in the country in New Jersey, with cows, and horses......but I grew up in New York City, yes a real city girl at heart, but love my country living!  We have chickens, and we get about 8 eggs a day, which is really nice.  I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom now for 15 years, I am lucky, I know.  I work hard here at home, making our house.........a home, and wouldn't have it any other way.  I love to cook, entertain, decorate, and garden.  My flowers in the summertime are usually beautiful, because I take care of them and weed my gardens, I dislike weeding, but I do it, cause I know my flowers will be happy!  We have a veggie garden full of goodies, even though this year I was so disappointed because my zucchini plants all died, along with the eggplant, and we hardly got any cucumbers.  But our acorn squash were delicious, along with the green peppers and tomato's, and a bountiful of greenbeans. Makes all that weeding so worth while!

Hubby and Me!
This past Mother's Day
Me on Easter Sunday, had a house full of family, it was a hot but fun day!
I love to cook a nice meal almost every night.  Sometimes we'll have Chinese take-out, those are the nights when I'm tired, or just bored with dinner, yes even I get bored with dinners.  I love making my family's favorite meals, and love seeing their eyes light up, and thanking me. Brings joy to my heart, and it was so worth the time to prepare the meal for them.  I love food, everything about it. I love watching cooking shows on t.v., reading cooking magazines, cooking blogs, I have tons of cook books, and if you know me, I love them for presents too! I have a real passion for food.  And I hope you will too!  Get cooking, try a new recipe, you won't be disappointed, and then try another one.  YUMMO!

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Dave said...

To my best friend! Love Ya so very much.

Thanks for being you and taking care of all of us. We love you!!!!!