Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Like My New Look?

Well, I finally took the Christmas background off.  I love this new background of my blog, and sure hope you do too.  Just wanted to show you all the new features I added, some are  really cool that I never knew existed.  One new feature is  "Label's" where you can now find a recipe by category, and another "Popular Posts" showing some of my popular recipes....still can't believe that Corn Casserole is the number one most popular recipe!  All of this will make it easier for you all to find that recipe you've been looking for. 

I really enjoy blogging about my cooking, and life, and hope you do too....but please I know I get a nice amount of visitors everyday, would you all please take a moment and comment, I would really like to know what you all think. 

I have a new facebook page, it's called "A day in the life of Liz in the kitchen" find me and become my friend, I would love to be yours!  Thanks for stopping by, I'll have a new recipe up tomorrow.....  YUMMO!

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