Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Counting Down to Thanksgiving.........Mashed Potatoes

We really enjoyed our mini Thanksgiving this past Saturday, with our friends Ed, Holly and their great kids. Like I have said before my hubby has to work this Thanksgiving, and I have been so bummed about it. So I promised him I would make a Thanksgiving Feast, since he won't have it on Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful day, filled with laughter, and great memories.  And my hubby really enjoyed the feast, and I loved cooking for him and our friends.  My kids love when I cook for them, brings me great joy when they ask "what's for dinner," and this day they were so excited that I made all their favorites!

Mashed Potatoes are delicious.  I think Mashed Potatoes are so comforting and a MUST for a Thanksgiving Feast!  My Mashed Potatoes are so easy, and so delicious, they aren't anything out of the ordinary, just simple Mashed PotatoesI use a very special TOOL for my Mashed Potatoes, but you can just use a simple potato masher, but this tool is so easy.  It's a Ricer and my Mashed Potatoes come out so creamy with no lumps!  Make them, don't use the frozen potatoes, use FRESH potatoes, they are the best!  And please do not use the BOX, just isn't worth it!

Try this easy TIP - When I have company coming, and I know when they come in the door I want most of my meal cooked, the last thing I want is to be in the kitchen mashing the potatoes! So in the morning, even like 6 hours before they all come, I peel, and cubed the potatoes, and put them in a large stock pot with COLD WATER COVERING them......let them sit in the water for about 6 hours or longer,  nothing will happen to them, I promise you! Then even 1 hour before your guests come, you can cook them, and mashed them, and have them sit on your stove.....easy it's all done before your guests come, and you can even clean up the mess!  :)

Mashed Potatoes
1 bag 5lbs Potatoes, peeled, and cut up in small cubes (5lbs will feed about 8 people)
1 cup whole milk (or more if you need, but start with 1 cup)
1 whole stick of BUTTER (it's Thanksgiving people!)

In a large stock pot cover the peeled and cubed potatoes with cold water and cook on med-high for about 20 minutes until a fork goes through a potato cube very easily.  Remove from the stove and drain the potatoes using a colander.  Keep the potatoes in the colander, and using the Ricer, start ricing them back into the pot.  Add the butter so it can start melting. 

RICER (my best friend)

When they are all riced, add the milk, and start with about 2 tsp, salt......TASTE IT, what does it need?  More salt?  Add more salt, are they creamy?  No? Add more milk a little at a time, not too much go slow, if you need more add a little more. And start mixing it making sure you have no lumps.  Put back on the stove and cover, and let sit until you are ready to eat, you can put the flame on very low right before you eat, do not let them burn!!!!!! 

If you don't have a Ricer, of course just use your potato masher, it will work perfectly!  Or if you really want whipping potatoes, use your mixer, but first you have to mashed them up with the masher then add the milk, salt and start whipping with the mixer!  EASY, and you will never use the BOX again! YUMMO!

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